Central Labour Administrative Machinery in India

15/09/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

The machineries for labour administration in the states are similar to those operating at the center. As explained earlier in the chapter, most of the important labour subjects in the concurrent list of the constitution. The central government is empowered to give direction to the state government and to delegate powers and impose duties on them. Many central labour laws are enforced both by the central and state government in industries or establishments falling under their respective jurisdictions.

Generally speaking, labour administration of the state governments is on a pattern similar to central labour administration with slight variations relating to implementing agencies and the requirements of the state enactments and non-statutory labour programmes. the main organizations for labour administration in the states comprise, department of labour and employment (secretariat), office of labour commissioner chief inspectorate of factories, chief inspectorate of boilers, office of chief inspector, shops and establishments, directorate, employment and training, directorate, medical services ESI scheme), social security directorate and adjudication authorities.