Labour Administration in India

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The Labour Department, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi is headed by Secretary (Labour), who is assisted by Commissioner, Special Labour Commissioner, Deputy Labour Commissioners, Assistant Labour Commissioners, Chief Inspector of Factories, Electrical Inspector, Chief Inspector of Boilers, Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishments, Labour Officers, Welfare Officer and other supporting staff. With a view to make the administration responsive to the needs of the people and bring governance to their doorsteps, the department has been organized on territorial basis into nine districts. Each district is headed by a Deputy Labour Commissioner who is assisted by Asstt. Labour Commissioners and Labour Officers.

The main function of labour administration is to implement the policies that work for labourers’ welfare. Let’s understand its functioning in detail. Its functioning is divided into four different domains. These are:

  • Labour
  • Employment
  • Information and research
  • labour management research


The Labour administration decides the working conditions of the labour.

  • The labour administration decides the wages of labourers
  • It regulates the employment conditions
  • It takes care of labourers’ security and their health at work
  • It provides social security to labourers
  • The labour administration also periodically introspects the functioning of labourers, it ensures that the employers do not conduct any kind of mean act on labourers
  • It facilitates the best working environment for labourers


  • It regulates the national employment policy
  • It passes and implements various unemployment insurance schemes
  • It provides vocational guidelines to unemployed youngsters
  • It regulates vocational training programs throughout the world
  • It ensures that the best employment services should be given to capable individuals

Information and research

  • Labour administration plays a major role in collecting information related to the labourers
  • It organises surveys to check the working conditions of employees
  • It plays a major role in policy development and statistics related to labourers
  • It facilitates the dissemination of information
  • It releases its forecast periodically based on collected data

Labour-management relations

  • Labour administration plays a major role in designing the framework of rules for the proper management of labourers
  • It helps in settling labour-related issues in various organisations

Some other functions of labour administration

The above-written functions are based on the welfare of labourers. Let’s understand more labour administration functions based on governmental bodies. These are:

  • Labour administration facilitates the assessment of labour institutions and organisations. Along with this, it also regulates their management.
  • It follows all the administrative rules of the specific country. It also provides support to the tripartite bodies of the country.
  • It also facilitates the promotion of various ILO policies and standards.
  • Labour administration also facilitates the management of international networks.
  • It plays a major role in researching information and publications of news.

Features of labour administration

The labour administration convention is a very powerful body in itself. It regulates the functioning of labourers of the entire world. Due to this, its features are slightly distinctive compared to other connections. These are:


All the laws and policies of labour administration are designed to provide the right to other bodies or labourers to share their ideas. Other organisations and individuals take part in the decision-making of labour administration. Its policies and services are available for all throughout the world.


All the rules and policies of labour administration are designed for the welfare of labourers. All these rules and policies are implemented sincerely with proper management.


The labour administration is a responsible body of government. It plays a major role in resolving disputes among the labourers and their owners. It ensures the proper implementation of laws and policies without bias.


The services provided by the labour administration provide a peaceful life to many labourers. It ensures that a good amount as wages should be given to the employees. It also ensures that the owners do not practice any misbehaviour with the labourers.