Personality Development and Grooming LU BBA 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Introduction to Personality: Meaning VIEW
Personality Significance, Functions and Objectives VIEW
Theories of Personality VIEW
Types of Personality VIEW
Personality Disorders Types, Causes, Symptoms and their treatment VIEW


Unit 2 [Book
Communication Skills VIEW VIEW
Personality Development VIEW
Team Building VIEW VIEW
Leadership Skills VIEW VIEW
Body Language VIEW
interpersonal communication VIEW VIEW
Strategies to enhance communication VIEW


Unit 3 [Book] 
Personality Development VIEW VIEW
Building self-esteem, self-confidence VIEW
Time Management and Efficient Planning VIEW VIEW VIEW
Stress Management Meaning, Types VIEW VIEW
Stress Management coping measures VIEW
Self-Acceptance, Self-Growth VIEW
Conflict Management VIEW VIEW
Steps in grooming Student Personality VIEW


Unit 4 [Book
Business Etiquettes and table manners VIEW VIEW
Public Speaking VIEW
Interviews and Group Discussions VIEW
Telephone Conversations VIEW
Business Meetings VIEW VIEW
Morality and Ethics VIEW VIEW