Computer & IT Applications-I LU BBA 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Basis of computer and their evaluation VIEW
Characteristics of computer VIEW
Application of computer VIEW
Various fields of computer VIEW
Classification of computer VIEW
Generation of computer VIEW
Types of software VIEW
Compiler & interpreter VIEW
Generation of language VIEW
Data representation: Different number systems
Inter conversion between number systems VIEW
Binary Arithmetic VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Input Devices: Keyword, Point & Draw devices VIEW
Data Screening devices, Digitizer etc. VIEW
Output devices: Monitors, Printers, Plotters, Voice response system etc. VIEW
Main memory/Primary Memory: RAM, ROM, PROM, EPROM VIEW
Cache memory VIEW
Secondary memory VIEW
Magnetic tape, Magnetic Disk, Optical disk etc. VIEW
Business Data Processing VIEW
File Management system VIEW
Database Management System VIEW
DBMS components VIEW


Unit 3 Operating system Concept [Book]
Introduction to Operating system VIEW
Functions of Operating system VIEW
Types of Operating system VIEW
Details of Basis System configuration VIEW
Introduction to GUI: Windows operating system VIEW
Concept of Data communication and Networking VIEW
Networking concept, Types of Networks VIEW
Communication Media VIEW
Introduction to Internet VIEW


Unit 4 Text Processing [Book] Refer Practical Classes
Introduction to Text Processing software, Creating, Saving, Printing and modification in document VIEW
Spreadsheet Software: Introduction to spreadsheet, creation and their application, formulas, function, Addressing, Graphics on spreadsheet, modes of data processing, & Report generation VIEW
Presentation Software: Creating a presentation VIEW
Introduction to MS-Access VIEW