Organizational Behaviour LU BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction [Book]
Nature and Scope of Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Challenges and Opportunities for Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Organization Goals VIEW
Models of Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Impact of Global and Cultural diversity on Organizational Behaviour VIEW VIEW
**Theories of Organizational Behaviour VIEW
**Need of Organizational Behaviour VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Individual Behavior Concept VIEW
Personality VIEW VIEW VIEW
Perception VIEW VIEW
Learning VIEW VIEW
Motivation VIEW VIEW
Hierarchy of needs theory VIEW
Theory X and Y VIEW
Motivation Hygiene Theory VIEW
Vroom’s expectancy Theory VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]
Behavior Dynamics: Interpersonal behavior VIEW
Organizational Communication VIEW
Transaction Analysis VIEW VIEW
Leadership and Prevailing leadership styles in Indian Organizations VIEW
Leadership Theories VIEW
Group Behavior: Definition and classification of Groups, Types of Group Structures VIEW
Group decision making VIEW
Teams Vs Groups VIEW
Contemporary issues in managing teams VIEW
Inter-group problems in Organizational VIEW
Group dynamics VIEW VIEW
Management of conflict VIEW


Unit 4 [Book]
Management of Change: Change and Organizational development VIEW
Resistance to change VIEW
Approaches to managing Organizational change VIEW VIEW
Organizational effectiveness VIEW
Organizational culture VIEW VIEW
Power and Politics VIEW
Stress Management: Definition VIEW
Potential sources of Stress VIEW VIEW
Consequences of Stress VIEW
Managing stress VIEW