Differences between personnel Management and Human Resources Development

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Personnel Management is a part of management that deals with the recruitment, hiring, staffing, development, and compensation of the workforce and their relation with the organization to achieve the organizational objectives. The primary functions of the personnel management are divided into two categories:

  • Operative Functions: The activities that are concerned with procurement, development, compensation, job evaluation, employee welfare, utilization, maintenance and collective bargaining.
  • Managerial Function: Planning, Organizing, Directing, Motivation, Control, and Coordination are the basic managerial activities performed by Personnel Management.

Human Resource Development

Human resource development (HRD) is defined as the cultivation of an organization’s employees. It entails providing workers with skills and relevant knowledge that may help them to grow in the workplace. That makes human resource development an integral part of human resource management.

HRD starts with a clear vision for employee development, and most times, it is achieved through organization-wide activities and training. Typically, the HRD team is in charge of developing these initiatives to position employees for career advancement and other related goals.

Roles like instructional coordinators, training specialists, and program developers may involve aspects of human resource development.

HR developers are important members of the HR team as they oversee a variety of areas within the human resources branch of an organization, including training, employee development, executive and leadership development, human performance technology, and organizational learning. On any given day, their responsibilities might involve creating training programs, designing systems to attract and retain talent, and planning organizational development activities, which may be in the form of workshops and more.

A background in human resource development may prepare you for specialized training, instructional design, program development, and general HR positions. For example, training and development specialists are in charge of designing manuals, online learning modules, and course materials for onboarding employee’s External link.

Personnel Management Human Resource Development
Meaning The aspect of management that is concerned with the work force and their relationship with the entity is known as Personnel Management. The branch of management that focuses on the most effective use of the manpower of an entity, to achieve the organizational goals is known as Human Resource Management.
Approach  Traditional Modern
Treatment of manpower Machines or Tools Asset
Type of function  Routine function Strategic function
Basis of Pay Job Evaluation Performance Evaluation
Management Role Transactional Transformational
Communication Indirect Direct 
Labor Management Collective Bargaining Contracts Individual Contracts 
Initiatives Piecemeal Integrated 
Management Actions Procedure Business needs
Decision Making Slow Fast
Job Design Division of Labor Groups/Teams
Focus Primarily on mundane activities like employee hiring, remunerating, training, and harmony. Treat manpower of the organization as valued assets, to be valued, used and preserved.