Business Organisations LU BBA 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Meaning and Definition of Business essentials & Scope of business VIEW VIEW
Classification of Business Activities VIEW
Meaning, Definition, Characteristics and objectives of Business Organization VIEW
Evolution of Business Organization VIEW
Modern Business, Business & Profession VIEW


Unit 2 [Book
Business Unit VIEW
Establishing a new business unit VIEW
Meaning of Promotion VIEW VIEW
Features for business VIEW
Plant location VIEW VIEW
Plant Layout & Size of business unit VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 [Book
Organization process, Importance VIEW
Organization Principles VIEW
Various aspects of organization VIEW
Organization structure VIEW VIEW
Departmentation VIEW
Line and Staff Relationships VIEW
Span of control VIEW VIEW
Delegation of authority VIEW
Decentralization VIEW


Unit 4 [Book] 
Business Combination Meaning Causes, Objectives VIEW
Business Combination Types and Forms VIEW
Merger VIEW
Takeover VIEW
Acquisition VIEW
Business Finance VIEW
Financial need of Business methods VIEW
Sources of finance VIEW VIEW
Security Market VIEW
Money Market VIEW VIEW
Study of Stock Exchange VIEW VIEW