Business Ethics LU BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Business Ethics [Book]
Business Ethics: An Overview, Concept, Nature VIEW VIEW
Evolving ethical values VIEW
Arguments against business Ethics VIEW
Ethical theories and approaches: The Teleological approach and the Deontological approach VIEW
Universalism vs. Ethical relativism VIEW
Utilitarianism VIEW
Ethical principles in business VIEW
Ethics and Morality VIEW
Ethical dilemma, Resolving ethical dilemma VIEW
Ethical Decision making VIEW
Ethical competency VIEW
Conflict of interest VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Work life in Indian Philosophy VIEW
Indian ethos for work life VIEW
Indian values for the work place VIEW VIEW
Work-life balance VIEW VIEW
Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management VIEW
Philosophy of Trusteeship VIEW
Values: Concept & Relevance in Business, Types of values VIEW
Values & ethical behaviour VIEW
Professional values VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]
Application of Business Ethics in the world of business
Intellectual property rights: VIEW VIEW
Trademarks VIEW VIEW
Copyrights VIEW VIEW
Ethics in Marketing (Consumer rights, Advertising, Dumping) VIEW
Ethics in Finance (Financial disclosures, Insider trading, Window dressing) VIEW
Ethics in Information technology and systems usage (Data confidentiality) VIEW
Ethics in Human Resources Management (Whistle blowing, Discrimination) VIEW
Environmental ethics (Carbon trading) VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 [Book]
Corporate Social Responsibility VIEW VIEW
Social Responsibility of business with respect to different stakeholders VIEW
Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility VIEW
CSR and Strategy VIEW VIEW
Shareholder theory of the firm, Voluntary guidelines VIEW VIEW
Regulatory mandates for CSR VIEW VIEW
Corporate Governance Concept, Definition VIEW VIEW
Corporations and their characteristics VIEW VIEW
Global Corporate Governance Practices VIEW


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