Corporate Governance Bangalore University 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Introduction, Its Importance VIEW
Principles, OECD Principles of corporate governance VIEW
Theories of Corporate governance: Agency theory and Stewardship theory VIEW
Models of Corporate governance around the world VIEW
Need for good Corporate governance VIEW
Evolution of Corporate Governance: Ancient and Modern Concept VIEW
Generation of Value from Performance VIEW
Nature and Scope of Corporate Governance VIEW


Unit 2 Corporate and Board Management
Corporate Business Ownership Structure VIEW
Single Person Company VIEW
Partnership company VIEW
Cooperatives Company VIEW
Joint Sector Company VIEW
Public enterprise VIEW
Board of Directors, Role VIEW
Board of Directors Composition, VIEW
Board of Directors Systems and Procedures VIEW
Types of Directors: Promoter/Nominee/Shareholder/Independent VIEW
Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Directors, Fiduciary relationship VIEW
Role of Directors and Executives VIEW
Responsibility for Leadership VIEW
Harmony between Directors and Executives VIEW
Training of Directors: Need, objective, methodology VIEW
Scope and Responsibilities for directors VIEW
Competencies for directors VIEW
Executive Management Process VIEW
Executive Remuneration VIEW
Functional Committees of Board VIEW VIEW
Rights and Relationship of Shareholders and Other Stakeholders VIEW


Unit 3 Legal and Regulatory Framework of Corporate Governance
Need for Legislation of Corporate Governance VIEW VIEW
Legislative Provisions of Corporate Governance in Companies Act 1956 VIEW
Securities (Contracts and Regulations) Act, 1956 (SCRA) VIEW
Depositories Act 1996 VIEW
Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 1992 VIEW VIEW
Listing Agreement VIEW
Banking Regulation Act, 1949 VIEW
Other Corporate Laws VIEW
Legal Provisions relating to Investor Protection VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Board Committees and Role of Professionals
Board Committees: Remuneration Committee, Shareholders’ Grievance Committee, Other committees VIEW
Audit Committee VIEW
Need, Functions and Advantages of Committee Management VIEW
Constitution and Scope of Board Committees, Board Committees Charter VIEW
Terms of Reference and Accountability and Performance Appraisals VIEW
Attendance and participation in committee meetings VIEW
Independence of Members of Board Committees VIEW
Disclosures in Annual Report VIEW
Integrity of Financial Reporting Systems VIEW
Role of Professionals in Board Committees VIEW
Role of Company Secretaries in compliance of Corporate Governance VIEW


Unit 5 Corporate Governance Codes and Practices
Corporate Governance Codes and Practices Introduction, Study of Codes of Corporate Governance VIEW
Major Expert Committees’ Reports of India VIEW VIEW
Best Practices of Corporate Governance VIEW
Value Creation through Corporate Governance VIEW
Corporate Governance Ratings VIEW