Investments in Commodity Markets Bangalore University 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Commodity Markets
Commodities Features, Classification and Origin of commodities markets VIEW
Difference between Stock and Commodities Market VIEW
Purpose of commodity markets VIEW
Eco system of commodity market VIEW
Players in commodity trading VIEW
Commodities markets in India: Prospects and Challenges VIEW


Unit 2 Commodity Derivatives Overview
Introduction, economic benefits of derivatives VIEW VIEW
Types of commodity derivatives VIEW
Features of derivatives market VIEW
Factors contributing to the growth of derivatives VIEW
Functions of derivative markets VIEW
Exchange traded versus OTC derivatives VIEW
Traders in Derivatives markets VIEW
Derivatives market in India VIEW


Unit 3 Commodity Exchanges
Commodity Exchanges, Platform, Structure, Exchange membership, Capital requirements VIEW
Commodities traded on National exchanges VIEW
Instruments available for trading and Electronic Spot Exchanges VIEW
Products in commodity exchanges: Futures, forwards and Options [Features, Mechanics of buying & selling] VIEW
Major Commodity exchanges in India VIEW


Unit 4 Trading and Settlement in Commodity Markets
Trading, Clearing and Settlement in Derivatives Market VIEW
SEBI Guidelines VIEW
Trading Mechanism VIEW
Types of Orders in Derivatives Market VIEW
Clearing Mechanism VIEW
NSCCL, its Objectives and Functions VIEW
Settlement Mechanism, Types of Settlement VIEW
Types of Risk VIEW VIEW
Types of Margins, SPAN Margin VIEW