Company Law & Administration Bangalore University 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Indian Companies Act 2013 [Book]
Introduction to Company Law, Evolution VIEW VIEW
Nature of Joint Stock Company VIEW VIEW
Overview of Companies Act 2013, Objectives, Significance of Companies Act 2013 VIEW
Body Corporate Meaning, Features VIEW
Classification of Companies VIEW
Distinction between Private Company and Public Company VIEW
Doctrine of Lifting the veil of Corporate entity VIEW
CSR Meaning, Scope VIEW
Provisions for CSR Activities under Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 VIEW


Unit 2 Formation of a New Company [Book]
Stages in Formation of a company as per Companies Act 2013 VIEW
Documents required for the formation of company VIEW
Memorandum of Association Meaning, Definition, Purpose and Content of Memorandum of Association VIEW
Articles of Association: Meaning, Definition, Contents and Alteration of Articles of Association VIEW
Distinction between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association VIEW
Doctrine of Ultravires VIEW
Doctrine of Constructive notice and Doctrine of Indoor Management VIEW
Prospectus Meaning, Definition, Contents VIEW
Types and Registration of Prospectus VIEW
Statement in lieu VIEW
Misstatement in prospectus and its consequences VIEW


Unit 3 Capital Structure and Accounts of Companies [Book]
Share Capital Meaning, Definition VIEW
Types of Share Capital VIEW VIEW
Rules Regarding Issue of Shares VIEW
Distinction between Preference shares and equity shares VIEW
Debenture Meaning, Definition, Types VIEW
Rules Regarding Issue of Debenture VIEW VIEW VIEW
Distinction between Share and Debenture VIEW
Accounts of companies: Statutory books and Financial Statements VIEW


Unit 4 Administrative and Managerial role of a Company [Book]
Overview of Administrative and Managerial role, Key Managerial Personnel: VIEW
Director Meaning, Definition, Director Identification Number, Position, Rights VIEW
Director Liabilities VIEW
Director Duties, Power VIEW
Director Qualification, Disqualification VIEW
Director Appointment, Removal and Resignation of director VIEW
Meaning and role of Managing Director VIEW
Whole Time Directors VIEW
C-suite Executives, CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CKO, CRO and CIO VIEW
Resident Director, Independent Director VIEW
Women Director VIEW
Company Secretary Meaning, Definition, Appointment of Company Secretary, Functions of CS, Duties and Responsibilities VIEW
Audit Committee: Meaning and Functions of Audit Committee VIEW


Unit 5 Corporate Meeting [Book]
Introduction to Corporate Meeting Meaning, Definitions and Types VIEW
Proceedings under Section 118 of the Companies Act 2013 VIEW
Requisite of Valid Meeting:
Agenda VIEW
Chairman VIEW VIEW
Quorum VIEW
Proxy VIEW
Resolutions VIEW
Minutes VIEW
Postal Ballot, E- voting VIEW
Video Conferencing VIEW
Board of Directors (BODs) Meaning, Definitions, Board Meeting, Committee Meeting VIEW
Meeting of Board of Directors (BODs) VIEW
Winding Up of Company Meaning, Definition and Modes of Winding up VIEW
Official Liquidator Meaning, Powers and Duties VIEW
Consequences of Winding up of a Company VIEW