Outcomes of Job analysis: Job description and Job Specification

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There are two outcomes of job analysis: Job description and Job specification

Job description

A job description is a list that a person might use for general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. It may often include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, or a salary range. Job descriptions are usually narrative, but some may instead comprise a simple list of competencies; for instance, strategic human resource planning methodologies may be used to develop competency architecture for an organization, from which job descriptions are built as a shortlist of competencies. A job description concentrates on the job. It explains what the job is and what the duties, responsibilities, and general working conditions are.

A job description may include relationships with other people in the organisation: Supervisory level, managerial requirements, and relationships with other colleagues.

A job description need not be limited to explaining the current situation, or work that is currently expected; it may also set out goals for what might be achieved in future.

Job specification

Job specification concentrates on the characteristics needed to perform the job. It describes the qualifications the incumbent must possess to perform the job.

Job specification is a statement which tells us minimum acceptable human qualities which helps to perform a job. Job specification translates the job description into human qualifications so that a job can be performed in a better manner. Job specification helps in hiring an appropriate person for an appropriate position. The contents are:

  • Job title and designation
  • Educational qualifications for that title
  • Physical and other related attributes
  • Physique and mental health
  • Special attributes and abilities
  • Maturity and dependability
  • Relationship of that job with other jobs in a concern