Marketing & Event Management

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Unit 1 Marketing Management and Environment {Book}
Marketing Management: Meaning, Definitions VIEW VIEW
Features of Market VIEW
Features of Marketer VIEW
Marketing Concepts: Selling Concept, Marketing Concept and Societal Marketing Concept VIEW
Marketing versus Selling VIEW
E-marketing VIEW
Digital or Internet marketing VIEW
Marketing Environment VIEW
Micro Environment: Suppliers, Competitors, Intermediaries, Customers and Public VIEW VIEW
Macro Environment Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political and Cultural Factors VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
Marketing mix: Meaning, components VIEW
**Product VIEW
**Product Mix VIEW
**Product Line VIEW
**Product lifecycle VIEW
**Product Planning VIEW
**New Product Development VIEW
4ps for goods marketing VIEW
7ps for services marketing VIEW
Distinction between goods marketing and service marketing VIEW
Marketing research VIEW VIEW VIEW
Marketing intelligence VIEW
Market Segmentation Definition, Objectives, Advantages, Limitations VIEW
Bases of Market Segmentation VIEW


Unit 3 Consumer Behaviour {Book}
Meaning, Definitions, Features and Importance of Consumer Behaviour VIEW VIEW
Customer versus Consumer VIEW
Buyer versus User VIEW
Buyer versus Decision Maker VIEW
Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour Cultural, Social, Personal and Psychological Factors VIEW
Consumers Buying Roles Initiator, Influencer, Decider, Buyer and User VIEW
Buying Behaviour: Complex Buying Behaviour, Dissonance Reducing Buying Behaviour, Habitual Buying Behaviour, Variety Seeking Buying Behaviour VIEW
Steps in Buying Process Need Recognition, Information Search, Evaluation of Alternatives, Purchase Decision and Post Purchase Behaviour VIEW


Unit 4 Event management {Book}
Event: Meaning, Definition, Characteristics, Types, Advantages VIEW
5C’s of event VIEW
Types of Customers for Events VIEW
Event management Meaning, Definitions, Essentials, Key Drivers VIEW
Stages and Decision Makers in Event Management VIEW
Event Management Staff VIEW
Establishing Policies and Procedures of an Event VIEW
Role of Event Manager and the people involved in conducting the event VIEW
Developing Record Keeping System in Event Management VIEW

No Update of Unit 5

Unit 5 Conduct of an Event & Procedure {Book}
Planning Schedule VIEW
Steps to Organize an Event VIEW
Assignment of Responsibilities: VIEW
Communication in Events VIEW
Multichannel used for communication, VIEW
Operational Communication Tools for Events VIEW
Event Marketing and Communications Planning Process VIEW
Budget of an Event Basic Event Budgeting Rules, Typical Event Expenditure VIEW
Budget of an Event VIEW
Fundamentals of Creating an Event Budget VIEW
Predicting the Financial Outcome of an Event VIEW
Importance of Financial Control of an Event VIEW
Continual adjustment of the Event Budget VIEW
Computer Aided Event Management VIEW
Use of Computer and Technology from the start to End of Event VIEW
Event Planning Software VIEW
Roles and responsibilities of Event manager for different Events VIEW
Checklist of an Event, Emergency plan checklist for an Event VIEW
Sample event planning checklist VIEW
Event Proposal VIEW
Events Licenses and Permissions, permits and license for events VIEW
Government Environment for Event VIEW


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