FN5.5 Corporate Financial Management

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Unit 1 Financial Management and Corporate Strategy [Book]  
Financial Management VIEW VIEW
Financial Policy VIEW
Corporate Strategy VIEW
Levels of Strategies Corporate level, Business level, Functional level VIEW
Financial Planning VIEW VIEW VIEW
Interface of financial policy VIEW
Strategic management VIEW VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Capital Budgeting Risk and Uncertainty {Book}  
Capital Budgeting Process VIEW
**Capital Budgeting Method VIEW VIEW
Risk Analysis VIEW
Meaning of Risk and Uncertainty VIEW VIEW
Measuring Risk VIEW VIEW
Probability Approach VIEW
Standard Deviation of Cash Flows VIEW
Certainty Equivalent Approach VIEW
Risk Adjusted Discount rate VIEW VIEW
Sensitivity Analysis VIEW
Decision tree analysis VIEW VIEW
Managing Strategic Investment Decisions VIEW


Unit 3 Financing Decisions {Book}  
Financing Decisions VIEW
Capital Structure VIEW
Equity & Debt in capital structure VIEW VIEW VIEW
Capital Structure theories VIEW
Net Income Approach, Net Operating Income approach, MM Approach (Modern view) VIEW
WACC Approach (Traditional view) VIEW
Tips to Make Smarter Strategic Financial Decisions VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Dividend Decisions, Establishing a dividend policy VIEW
Dividend theories VIEW
Relevance Theory, Walter’s Valuation Model, Gordon’s growth Model, Modigliani and Miller’s Model VIEW
Irrelevance Theory: Residual Theory, Tax differential theory, Gordon & Linter’s Theory VIEW


Unit 5 Investment Decision {Book}  
Investment Decision VIEW VIEW
Investing Surplus Funds VIEW
Financing Short-Term Deficits VIEW
Centralized versus Decentralized Cash Management VIEW