Cost Management

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Unit 1 Cost Control and Cost Reduction {Book}  
Meaning of Cost control and Cost Reduction VIEW
Areas covered by cost control and cost reduction VIEW
Product Design VIEW
Target costing VIEW
Value Analysis VIEW
Value engineering VIEW
Value chain analysis VIEW
Business Process Re- Engineering VIEW
Pareto Chart VIEW


Unit 2 Marginal Costing {Book}  
Absorption costing VIEW
Cost classification VIEW
Under Absorption Costing VIEW
Meaning and Definition of marginal costing VIEW
Absorption Costing V/s Marginal Costing VIEW
Need for Marginal Costing, Against and in favour of marginal costing VIEW
Marginal cost equation VIEW
Uses and Limitations of Marginal Costing VIEW
Break even analysis VIEW
Problems on Break Even Analyses VIEW


Unit 3 Standard Costing {Book}  
Historical costing VIEW
Introduction Meaning & Definition of Standard Cost and Standard Costing, Advantages & Disadvantages of Standard Costing VIEW
Preliminaries in establishing system of Standard Costing VIEW
Variance Analysis VIEW VIEW
Material Variance VIEW
Labour Variance VIEW
Overhead Variance VIEW
Problems on Material Variances and Labour Variances VIEW


Unit 4 Budgetary Control {Book}  
Introduction, Meaning & Definition of Budget and Budgetary Control VIEW
Objectives, Essential requirements, Advantages and Disadvantages of Budgetary Control VIEW
Meaning, Types of Functional Budgets VIEW
Meaning, Types of Flexible Budgets VIEW
Meaning, Types of Cash Budgets VIEW
Meaning, Types of Sales budget VIEW
Meaning, Types of Production budget VIEW
Problems on Flexible budgets and Cash budgets VIEW


Unit 5 Activity Based Costing {Book}  
Activity Based Costing, Weakness of conventional system concept of ABC VIEW
Kaplan and Cooper’s Approach, Cost drivers and cost pools VIEW
Allocation of overheads under ABC VIEW
Characteristics of ABC VIEW
Steps in the implementation of ABC VIEW
Benefits from adaptation of ABC system VIEW
Difficulties faced by the industries in the successful implementation of ABC VIEW