Creating Advertisements for Rural Audiences

27/03/2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Rural advertising is increasingly evident throughout the countryside. The majority of advertisements and hoardings are for fertilizers, hybrid seeds, diesel pumps and pesticides, not to men­tion the message of family planning. Once you selected a communication media, follow the steps:


Step1: Try to develop an objective for the media/material. Here the objective means as to what the selected media/material is expected to achieve. Let us take an example. Suppose you have selected Flipcharts as your media for communicating a message about family planning measures to be adopted by the villagers. Your media objective will be “By using the flipcharts majority of the family planning workers will be able to more effectively describe various methods than they could without the mela.

Step2: You will have to identify as ta who will be using the media and when. For example, if we continue above example, you can say that family planning workers will be using it during their home visits.

Step3: You will have to decide about the time frame. Here a time frame is needed for three main activities:

i) Preparation of porotype

ii) Pre-testing

iii) Preparation production of final versions.

Step 4: It includes identification of persons responsible for each activity under medial material production.

Step 5: You may have to estimat6 cost(s) for media/material production, wherever applicable. The main areas to be taken into account while working out the cost include cost for:

a) Developing prototype

b) Pre-testing

c) Modification and production and

d) Distribution