Activities and Skills of Donald Trump

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Donald J Trump is recognized as the best leader and businessmen in the business world. The Trump brand and organization developed by the Donald Trump is considered as the gold standard brand all over the world. He is recognized as the finest developer of quality real estate all over the world, through the unmatched intelligence and wisdom and through the multiplicity of his interests, he have set the new prototype in the business world. He is strongly committed towards excellence and philanthropy as the part of his ethics and values. He is considered as the icon in New York and also in the countries where he is expanding his business. He possesses archetypal business and leadership skills.

In 1980, Donald J. Trump developed The Trump Organization as a group having various real estate operations and corporate associates under a single umbrella. The Trump organization provides various superior office buildings, talent agencies, hotels, recreational facilities and clubs, casinos, golf tutorials, courses and grounds and an international beauty pageant organization in different countries along with various luxuries residential and real estate construction in New York. Trump group is always committed for personal and direct involvement of leader in every respect of the projects undertaken by the group.

The project analyzes the leadership skills and practices of Donald Trump through analyzing the organizational background and theoretical concepts of leadership. In order to emphasize on the industry views about the leadership practices of Donald Trump, the views of various CEO’s, Leaders and the industry specialists of various MNC’s within UAE. Based on these views, leadership skills and practices of Donald Trump are analyzed and critically evaluated. The analysis is followed by effective conclusion and recommendation for further enhancements of leadership skills so as to achieve the strategic objective efficiently and effectively.

About (the organization)

The Trump Organization, INC facilitates various real estate constructions, sales and marketing, property services for both residential and official purposes and various other retail properties to the customers of the US and the international markets. It was being developed by Donald J Trump, who is considered as the archetypal businessman in 1980 with a great philanthropy and ethics.


The Trump Organization is the private company developed by the assets and capital of the Trump Family and acts as the umbrella organization or group for various business ideas and interacts of its founder Mr. Donald J Trump. These assets comprises of premium residential and commercial properties within New York such as Trump Tower, the office building at 40 Wall street in Manhattan, Trump World Tower in New York, The Trump International Hotel and Tower in addition to other residential real estates. Other assets of the umbrella include Florida resort, Golf Courses, Miss Universe organizations that operate various beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA and the skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea. The Trump Organization owns the share of 56 % in the public traded Trump Hotels and Casino resorts INC which operates and manages three casinos in the Atlantic City, New Jersey in addition to various other gaming developments. Donald Trump have developed a very high class business group and the empire in 1980 which was about to collapse in the recession and economic downturn of 1990-91. Due to such recession, though the group divest some of its properties but still remain as the market leader in the real estate development and very vital presence in the Manhattan real estate market. In addition to all such businesses, Donald Trump have established his public persona as a key element for his empire through the reality show “The Apprentice” in 2004 and through launching his business books such as The Art of the Deal and How to get Rich etc. Through such strong leadership skills, he is not only able to preserve his empire but evolve as global market leader in the real estate industry. Through such efforts of Donald, he was even recognized by his critics and through his successful marketing tactics he is being named as “The Human Logo” to denote him as a role model for every businessman.

Mission and vision

The vision of the Trump organization is dependent on the entrepreneurial vision of hard hitting business and setting the big goals to become the market leader in the global market of real estate and development. The Trump’s desires to success direct the vision of the company.

The mission of the company also directed by the mission of Donald Trump who aims to teach success to the people by giving them knowledge so that they are able to enhance their leadership and decision making skills which eventually helps in the overall achievement of strategic objective of the organization and the vision to become the market leader in the real estate global market. He adopts the hand on approach of learning to train the people so as to emphasize on the practical work rather than learning theoretically.

Markets (local, regional, or international)

The trump organization operates its business in the local and various international markets. It operates its business in United States and across various international borders such as Istanbul, Turkey; Scotland, Manila, Las Vegas, Panama city, the Philippines, Illinois, Seoul, South Korea, Chicago, Canada, New Jersey, Hawaii, New York, Florida, California, Los Angeles, Aberdeen, Rio Grande, Stamford, Rakaia, and Toronto etc.

Products and Services provided

The Trump Organization Inc. provides various real estate development, sales and marketing, and the property management of various residential, office and retail properties in various international markets including the local market of the US. It also offers the brokerage for the real estate services to buy, sell or leasing the commercial or residential developments and properties. It also operates the golf courses in Aberdeen, Hudson Valley, Scotland, Colts Neck, New York, California, Washington, Westchester, Florida and Philadelphia. In addition to this company also operates various restaurants, modelling agencies and pageants, managing various public events and the television production and entertainment business including various television programs and reality shows. It also provides apparels, home furnishings, jewellery and other accessories and home furnishing accessories etc.