Reinforcing Brand

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Brands are one of the most important assets for any organization. Brands tend to stay with the organization, longer than products and steer the company to evolve with changing time keeping the promise intact.

The Brand Reinforcement majorly focuses on maintaining the Brand Equity by keeping the brand alive among both the existing and new customers. This can be done through consistently conveying the meaning of brand in terms of:

  • What are the products under the brand? What are its core benefits and how it satisfies the demand?
  • How is the brand different from other brands? How it enables a customer to make a strong, unique and favorable association in their minds?


  • Product
  • Services
  • Associated Marketing

Apart from innovation and research the brand reinforcement can be done through various marketing programs such as:

Exhibition provides a vital platform to the brands where the product with any new feature can be demonstrated to the customer. Products seen in real gives an experience to the customer, and some image gets created in their minds.

Advertising is one of the most common and easy tool of brand reinforcement. By showing the ads frequently on TV, Internet, Bulletins, Billboard, Radio, etc. can make the brand deep-rooted in the minds of the customer.

Event and Sponsorship act as an aide to the brand reinforcement. The companies sponsor big events like sports, political rallies, education, award functions, etc. with the objective of reminding the customer about their product and creating the positive image in the minds of new prospects.

Promotion is the most frequently used tool of brand reinforcement. Several companies adopt this strategy wherein some special offers, freebies, discounts, gift packs, etc. are given along with the product. This is done with the intention to retain the existing customers and attract new customers simultaneously.

Showroom layout also plays a vital role in strengthening the brand image in the minds of the customer. The way the brands are placed in the retail outlets or stores reminds the customer about the product and also influences new users through its appeal.

Brand Reinforcement is done by:

Products That the Brand Represents

Expanding the categories across which the brand delivers the core benefit satisfying various needs.


Fortune: Primarily, an oil brand in India, expanded to other food ingredients.

How Brands Make Product Superior and Strong

Brands bring unique associations with them. A strong brand has strong associations. And many times these associations are more abstract and category agnostic.