Computer Fundamentals Rajasthan University BBA 1st Year Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to computers {Book}
Computer and Related Terminology VIEW
Computer Hardware VIEW
System Clock, Address Bus, Data Bus, Cache Memory, Processing Speed VIEW
Expansion Slots (Video Controller, Sounds Cards, SCSI, Network Card) VIEW
Input Devices Part 1 VIEW
Input Devices Part 2 VIEW
Output Device VIEW
Diskette Drive (Disk Density, High Disk Density, Formatting Boot Record FAT Folder Directory, Hard Disk Drive, CD Rom Drive, DVD VIEW
Software (Introduction to Programming Languages, System Software, Operating System Utilities, Utility Software) VIEW
Application Software (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, DBMS, Presentation Graphics, web browser, Personal information management) VIEW
Introduction to Multilingual Word Processor VIEW
Communication and Connectivity: Data Communication System VIEW
Data Transmission VIEW
E-Mail, FAX, Voice and Video Messaging, Video Conferencing VIEW
Online Services User Connection VIEW
Networking of Computers, Client Server LAN, Wide Area Network (WAN) VIEW
The Internet and the Web VIEW


Unit 2 Operating System {Book}
Operating System VIEW
Important DOS Commands VIEW
Windows 98 VIEW
Scandisk, Control Panel, Taskbar, Toolbar VIEW
Files and Folder Management VIEW
Windows Explorer VIEW
Finding Files and Folders VIEW
Formatting Disk, Copying Files, Printer Setting VIEW
Modem Installation, Mouse Installation VIEW
Adding and Removing Programmes VIEW
Active Desktop Concept VIEW
Winzip and its Application VIEW
Norton Antivirus and its Uses VIEW
Use of Calculators, Paintbrush, Winmap MPEG Player, Window Help VIEW


Unit 3 Application Software {Book}
Application Software: Word Processing Software VIEW
Microsoft Word (Entering Text, Formatting, Editing, Headers and Footers, Column and Section Page Layout, Thesaurus, Replace, Cut VIEW
Tables and Formatting Tables VIEW
Mails Merge Style and Templates VIEW


Unit 4 Spreadsheet Programme: MS Excel {Book}
Spreadsheet Programs: Microsoft Excel VIEW
Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet (Entering Data, Label, Value, Dates, Formulas and Functions, Cell Reference) VIEW
Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet (Templates, Charts and Maps, Analyzing Data in Spreadsheet) VIEW
DBMS: Microsoft Access, Database VIEW
Entering Data into the Database, Creating Database Table VIEW
Records and Shorting Records VIEW
Querying a Database VIEW
Generating Reports in Database VIEW


Unit 5 Computer Algorithm {Book}
Computer Programming- Algorithm Development VIEW
Steps in Programme Development VIEW
Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) Outputs VIEW
Pseudocode VIEW
Flow Charting VIEW
Programme Coding VIEW
Testing and Debugging VIEW
C (Programming Language) VIEW
Data Types, Variable and Constant in C VIEW
C Programming Expression VIEW
Assignment Operator in C Programming, Dynamic Data Structure in C – Pointers VIEW
Structure and Unions, User Defined Variables VIEW
File Handling, C – Preprocessors VIEW
C – Standard Library VIEW
C – Header Files VIEW