Business Laws Osmania University 2nd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Indian Contract Act: {Book}
Agreement and Contract VIEW
Essentials of a Valid contract VIEW
Types of Contract VIEW
Offer and Acceptance, Essentials of Valid offer and acceptance VIEW
Communication and Revocation of offer and acceptance VIEW
Consideration, Essentials of valid consideration VIEW
Modes of Discharge of a Contract VIEW
Performance of Contracts VIEW
Breach of Contract VIEW
Remedies for Breach VIEW
Significance of Information Technology Act VIEW


Unit 2 Sale of Goods Act and Consumer Protection Act {Book}
Sale of Goods Act VIEW
Contract of Sale: VIEW
Sale and Agreement to Sell, Essential of Valid Sale VIEW
Definition and Types of Goods VIEW
Conditions and Warranties, Caveat Emptor, Exceptions VIEW VIEW
Unpaid Seller, Rights of Unpaid Seller VIEW
Consumer Protection Act 1986 VIEW
Consumer VIEW VIEW
Person, Goods, Service VIEW
Consumer Dispute VIEW
Consumer Protection Councils VIEW
Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies, Appeals VIEW


Unit 3 Intellectual Property Rights: {Book}
Intellectual Property Rights VIEW
Trade Marks VIEW
Registration of Trade Marks VIEW
Patents Definition, Kinds of Patents VIEW VIEW
Transfer of the Patent Rights VIEW
Rights of the Patentee VIEW
Copy Rights Definition VIEW
Rights of the Copyright Owner VIEW
Terms of Copyright VIEW
Copyrights Infringement VIEW
Other Intellectual Property Rights:
Trade Secrets, Geographical Indications VIEW


Unit 4 Management of Companies and Meetings {Book}
Director: Qualification, Disqualification VIEW
Director Appointment, Removal VIEW
Director Position, Appointment VIEW
Director Duties and Liabilities, Power VIEW
Director Loans, Remuneration VIEW
Managing Director VIEW
Corporate Social Responsibility VIEW VIEW
Corporate Governance VIEW VIEW
Meeting Meaning VIEW
Meeting Requisites VIEW
Meeting Notice, Proxy VIEW
Agenda of Meeting VIEW
Quorum of Meeting VIEW
Resolutions, Minutes, Kinds VIEW
Shareholder Meetings VIEW
Statutory Meeting VIEW
Annual General Body Meeting, Extraordinary General Body Meeting VIEW
Board Meeting VIEW


Unit 5 Winding Up {Book}
Meaning, Modes of Winding Up, Winding Up by Tribunal, Voluntary Winding Up, Compulsory Winding Up VIEW
Consequences of Winding Up VIEW
Removal of Name of the Company from Registrar of Companies VIEW
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 VIEW