Banking and Financial Services Osmania University 2nd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction: {Book}
Commercial Bank Introduction VIEW
Functions of Commercial Banks VIEW
Emerging Trends in Commercial Banking in India VIEW
E-Banking VIEW
Mobile Banking VIEW
Core Banking VIEW
Bank Assurance VIEW
RBI Constitution, Objectives VIEW
Organizational Structure, Management VIEW
RBI Role and Function VIEW
RBI Monetary Policy VIEW
District Co-Operative Central Banks VIEW
Centralized Bank VIEW
Contemporary Banks VIEW
Regional Rural Banks VIEW
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) VIEW
Development Banks VIEW


Unit 2 Banker and Customer Relationship {Book}
Definition of Banker and Customer VIEW
Relationship Between Banker and Customer VIEW
General and Special Features of Relationship VIEW
Opening of Bank Account VIEW
Special Types of Customers
Minor Bank Account VIEW
Married Women Bank Account VIEW
Partnership Firms Bank Account VIEW
Companies Bank Account VIEW
Clubs Bank Account VIEW
Non-Trading Institutions Bank Account VIEW


Unit 3 Negotiable Instruments {Book}
Negotiable Instruments Descriptions and their Special Features VIEW
Duties and Responsibilities of Paying and Collecting Banker VIEW
Circumstances under which a Banker can refuse Payment of Cheques VIEW
Consequences of Wrongful Dishonors VIEW
Precautions to be taken while Advancing Loans Against Securities VIEW
Goods, Documents of Title to Goods VIEW
Loans against Real Estate VIEW
Loans against Insurance Policies VIEW
Loans against Collateral Securities VIEW
Loans against Banking Receipts VIEW


Unit 4 Introduction to Financial Services {Book}
Financial Services: Meaning, Functions, Classification, Scope VIEW
Fund Based Activities VIEW
Non-fund Based Activities, Modern Activities of Financial Services VIEW
Causes for Financial Innovation VIEW
New Financial Products and Services VIEW
Innovative Financial Instruments VIEW
Challenges Facing the Financial Service Sector VIEW


Unit 5 Financial Services {Book}
Definition, Services of Merchant Banks VIEW
Problems and Scope of Merchant Banking in India VIEW
Venture Capital: Meaning, Features, Scope, Importance VIEW
Leasing: Definition and Steps VIEW
Types of Lease: Financial Lease, Operating Lease, Leverage Lease VIEW
Sale and Lease Back VIEW
Discounting: Concept, Advantages of Bill Discounting VIEW VIEW
Factoring Meaning and Nature, Parties in Factoring, Merits and Demerits of Factoring VIEW
Forfeiting Parties to Forfeiting, Costs of Forfeiting VIEW
Benefits of Forfeiting for Exporters and Importers VIEW