Financial Accounting-2 Osmania University 2nd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Bills of Exchange {Book}

Bills of Exchange Definition VIEW
Distinction between Promissory note and Bill of exchange VIEW
Accounting Treatment of Trade Bills VIEW
Books of Drawer and Acceptor VIEW
Honor and Dishonor of Bills VIEW
Renewal of Bills VIEW
Retiring of Bills under Rebate VIEW
Accommodation Bills VIEW
Unit 2 Consignment Accounts {Book}
Consignment Meaning, Features VIEW
Proforma invoice, Account sales, Del credere commission VIEW
Accounting treatment in the Books of the Consignor and the Consignee VIEW
Valuation of Consignment stock VIEW
Treatment of Normal and Abnormal Loss VIEW
Invoice of Goods at a Price higher than the cost price VIEW
Unit 3 Joint Venture Accounts {Book}
Joint Venture, Meaning, Features VIEW
Difference between Joint Venture and Consignment VIEW
Accounting Procedure VIEW
Methods of Keeping Records for Joint Venture Accounts VIEW
Method of Recording in co-ventures books VIEW
Separate Set of Books Method VIEW
Joint Bank Account VIEW
Memorandum Joint Venture Account VIEW
Unit 4 Accounts from Incomplete Records {Book}
Single Entry System Meaning, Features, Defects VIEW VIEW
Difference between Single Entry and Double Entry Systems VIEW
Books and Accounts maintained VIEW
Ascertainment of Profit VIEW
Statement of Affairs VIEW
Conversion method VIEW
Unit 5 Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations {Book}
Non-Profit Organization Meaning, Features VIEW
Receipts and Payments Account VIEW
Income and Expenditure Account VIEW
Balance Sheet VIEW