Practice of General Insurance Osmania University 4th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 General Insurance Policies: {Book}
Introduction to General Insurance VIEW
Origin of general insurance VIEW
Classification of General Insurance Companies VIEW
Indian and International Insurance Market VIEW
Various roles in Insurance industry VIEW
Insurance Policy Documents and forms VIEW VIEW
Insurance proposals and forms VIEW
General Insurance Products:
Fire Insurance VIEW
Marine Insurance VIEW
Motor Insurance VIEW
Liability, Personal Accident and Specialty Insurance VIEW
Engineering and other insurance VIEW


Unit 2 Underwriting, Premiums, Claims and Insurance Reserves and Accounting: {Book}
Concept of Underwriting, Underwriting Process VIEW
Underwriting Risk Sharing and its Methods VIEW
Underwriting Risk Management and Steps VIEW
Insurance Rating and Premiums VIEW
Concept of Soft and Hard Insurance markets VIEW
Concept of Insurance Claim, Understanding the process of claim management VIEW
Insurance Claims fraud and fraud prevention VIEW
Insurance Reserves and Accounting VIEW
Different types of reserves of insurance companies VIEW
Reserving process followed by insurance companies VIEW
Insurance Accounting VIEW