Marketing Management BU BBA Old Syllabus Notes

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Unit 1 Marketing {Book}  
Marketing Definitions, Meaning and Goals VIEW
Marketing importance VIEW
Concept of Marketing VIEW
Approaches to Marketing VIEW
Functions of Marketing VIEW
Recent Trends in Marketing VIEW
E-Business VIEW
Tele-Marketing VIEW
Mobile Business VIEW
Green Marketing VIEW
Retailing VIEW
Concept Marketing VIEW
Virtual Marketing VIEW


Unit 2 Marketing Environment  {Book}  
Marketing Environment VIEW
Marketing Environment in India VIEW
Types of Marketing Environment: Micro Environment VIEW
Types of Marketing Environment: Macro Environment VIEW


Unit 3 Marketing Mix. {Book}  
Marketing Mix. VIEW
Elements of Marketing Mix VIEW
Product VIEW
Product Mix VIEW
Product Line VIEW
Product Life Cycle VIEW
Product Planning VIEW
New Product Development VIEW
Branding VIEW
Packing and Packaging VIEW
Pricing VIEW
Factor Influencing Pricing, Pricing Policy, Methods of Pricing VIEW
Physical Distribution VIEW
Factors Affecting Distribution Channels VIEW
Types of Marketing Channels VIEW
Sales Promotion VIEW
Promotion VIEW
Personal Selling and Advertising VIEW
Personal Selling Process VIEW


Unit 4 Market Segmentation and Consumer Behaviour {Book}  
Market Segmentation VIEW
Bases of Market Segmentation VIEW
Requisites of Sound Market Segmentation VIEW
Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Features and importance of Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Types of Consumer Behaviour VIEW


Unit 5 Customer Relationship Management {Book}  
Customer Relationship Management VIEW
Role of CRM VIEW
Customer Relationship Management Advantages and Disadvantages VIEW