Production and Operations Management BU BBA Old Syllabus Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Production and Operations Management {Book}  
Meaning and definition Classification VIEW
Objectives of Production and Operations Management VIEW
Need & Types of Production and Operations Management VIEW
Advantages and Disadvantages of Production and Operations Management VIEW
Application of automation in production Management VIEW
Application of artificial intelligence in production Management VIEW
Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) in Production and Operation VIEW


Unit 2 Plant Location and Layout {Book}  
Plant Location VIEW
Plant Layout Meaning and definition VIEW
Factors affecting location VIEW
Plant Location Theory and practices VIEW
Cost Factor in Plant location VIEW
Plant layout Principles VIEW
Space requirement in Plant location VIEW
Different types of facilities VIEW
Organization of physical facilities: Building, Sanitation, Lighting, Air Conditioning and Safety VIEW


Unit 3 Materials Management {Book}  
Materials Management, Introduction, Meaning, Definition VIEW
Purchasing VIEW
Selection of suppliers VIEW
Inventory Management VIEW
Material Handling Principles and Practices VIEW
Material Handling Practices VIEW
Economic consideration VIEW
Criteria for selection of Materials handling Equipment VIEW VIEW
Standardization, Codification, Simplification VIEW
Inventory Control, Techniques VIEW


Unit 4 Production planning and Control {Book}  
Production planning VIEW
Capacity planning VIEW
Corresponding Production Planning VIEW
Controlling, Scheduling, Routing VIEW
Quality control, Statistical Quality Control VIEW
Quality Management VIEW
Six- Sigma VIEW
Control charts VIEW
Operating characteristics curves VIEW
Accepting Sampling Procedures VIEW
Quality Circles VIEW
Meaning of ISO VIEW


Unit 5 Maintenance and Waste Management {Book}  
Maintenance Management Introduction Meaning, Objectives VIEW
Types of maintenance Breakdown, Spares Planning and control VIEW
Preventive routine, Relative Advantages VIEW
Maintenance Scheduling, Equipment reliability VIEW
Modern Scientific Maintenance methods VIEW
Waste Management Scrap and surplus disposal, Salvage and recovery VIEW


Extra Topic  
Inventory Management Meaning and Concepts, Objectives VIEW
Factors influencing Inventory Management VIEW
Inventory Management Objectives VIEW
Techniques of Inventory Management VIEW
Management of Inventory:  
VED, FSN, SDE analysis VIEW