Management of Non Government Organizations Bangalore University BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Fundamentals of Non-Government Organization (NGO) {Book}
Introduction, Definitions, Evolution of NGO VIEW VIEW
Vision & Mission, Goals of NGO VIEW
Objectives, Characteristics, Functions, Scope, Classifications of NGO’s VIEW
Pros and Cons of NGO VIEW
Approaches and Models VIEW
Challenges of NGO in India VIEW
NGO’s in Developing Countries VIEW


Unit 2 Legal and Accounting Aspects of NGO {Book}
Statutory obligation, Legal Procedure for establishment of NGO, Online & Offline, NGO Registration process, Documentation, Eligibility to start an NGO VIEW
Foreign Contribution and Regulations Act (FCRA) VIEW
Trust and Society Registration Act VIEW
Formation and Registration of Section- 8 Companies VIEW
Basic Accounting Concepts of NGO VIEW


Unit 3 Human Resource Management and Career in NGO {Book}
Skills set for NGO, Human Resource Management in NGO VIEW
Leadership & Staff Development in NGO VIEW
Role of creating Staff Agents VIEW
Recruiting, Training and Induction in NGOs VIEW
Career in NGO: Top Recruiters, CSR Activities VIEW
Role of Companies in Community Development VIEW
Role of Social workers in CSR activities VIEW VIEW
Job Profile in NGO, Impact Manager, Voluntary Workers, Accountant, Trust Manager VIEW


Unit 4 Project Management {Book}
Concepts, Meaning, Principles, Types of project VIEW VIEW
Planning & Designing a project VIEW
Project Cycle Management VIEW
Resource Mobilization VIEW
Government schemes & supporting Agencies, Funding Assistance, Tax Reliefs VIEW
Coordinating Agencies:
Human Rights Commission VIEW