Quantitative Techniques-I LU BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Series and Permutation Combination [Book]
Arithmetical Progression VIEW
Sum of a series in AP, Arithmetic Mean VIEW VIEW
Geometric Progression, Sum of a series in GP VIEW
Geometrical Mean VIEW VIEW
Sum of an infinite geometric series VIEW
Permutation and Combination VIEW
Fundamental rules of counting
Permutation of n different things, Permutation of thing not all different
Circular permutation
Combination of n different things r at a time, Simple problems


Unit 2 Matrix Algebra [Book] No Update
Please Refer books VIEW


Unit 3 Statistics [Book]
Statistics VIEW
Types of Data VIEW
Classification of Data VIEW VIEW
Tabulation of Data VIEW
Frequency Distribution VIEW
Census and Sample Investigation VIEW VIEW
Diagrammatical Presentation of Data VIEW VIEW
Graphical Presentation of Data VIEW VIEW
Measures of central Tendency VIEW
Median VIEW
Measures of Dispersion VIEW
Range VIEW
Mean Deviation VIEW
Standard Deviation VIEW


Unit 4 [Book]
Correlation, Significance of Correlation VIEW VIEW
Types of Correlation VIEW
Scatter Diagram Method VIEW
Karl Pearson Coefficient of correlation VIEW
Spearman’s coefficient of Rank correlation VIEW
Regression Introduction VIEW
Regression Lines VIEW
Regression Equations VIEW
Regression Coefficients VIEW