Fundamentals of Investments in Capital Market Bangalore University 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 An overview of capital market {Book}
Financial System Meaning, Definitions VIEW
Features and Functions of Financial System VIEW
Classification of Financial System VIEW VIEW
Basic functions of Capital Market VIEW
Basic functions of Money Market VIEW
Differences between Capital Market and Money Market VIEW
Classification of Capital Market VIEW
Kinds of Financial Instruments in the Industrial Securities Market VIEW


Unit 2 Primary and Secondary Market {Book}
Meaning and Role of Primary Market VIEW
Methods of floating New Issue:
Bonus Issue VIEW
Right Issue VIEW VIEW
Private Placement VIEW
Intermediaries (Players) in the New Issue Market VIEW
Benefits and Limitations of Primary Market VIEW
Secondary Market Meaning and Role of Secondary Market VIEW
Structure & Functions of Secondary Market VIEW
Benefits and Limitations of Secondary Market VIEW
Differences between Primary Market and Secondary Market VIEW
Stock Exchange Meaning and Role of Stock Exchange, Functions VIEW
Benefits and Limitations of Stock Exchange VIEW
Trading and Settlement System in Stock Exchanges VIEW
DEMAT A/C, Procedure for Opening and operating DEMAT A/C VIEW
Online Trading (Investment) Procedure in Stock Exchanges VIEW
Stock Brokers Types and Functions VIEW
Objectives of NSE, BSE & OTCEI VIEW


Unit 3 Investment Avenues {Book}
Meaning and Objectives of Investment VIEW VIEW
Meaning and Types of Investment Avenues VIEW
Bank Fixed Deposits in Banks VIEW
Fixed Deposits in Companies VIEW
Post Office Monthly Income and Other Schemes VIEW VIEW
Public Provident Fund, NPS VIEW
Equity Shares VIEW
Preference Shares VIEW
Mutual Funds VIEW
Debentures VIEW VIEW
Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) VIEW
Gold ETF, RBI Bonds VIEW
Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) VIEW


Unit 4 Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI {Book}
Constitution and Objectives of SEBI VIEW
Powers and Functions of SEBI VIEW VIEW
SEBI Departments VIEW
SEBI Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Markets VIEW VIEW
Role of SEBI in the protection of investor interests VIEW