FN2 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Bangalore University BBA 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Investments Introduction VIEW
Investment Process VIEW
Criteria for Investment VIEW
Types of Investors VIEW
Investment, Speculation and Gambling VIEW
Elements of Investment VIEW
Investment Avenues VIEW
Factors influencing Selection of Investment alternatives VIEW
Security Market Introduction, Functions VIEW
Secondary Market Operations VIEW
Stock Exchanges in India VIEW
Security Exchange Board of India VIEW
Government Securities Market VIEW
Corporate Debt Market VIEW
Money Market Instruments VIEW


Unit 2 Risk-Return Relationship [Book]
Risk-Return Relationship VIEW
Meaning of Risk VIEW
Types off Risk, Measuring Risk VIEW
Risk Preference of investors VIEW
Meaning of Return, Measures of Return, Holding period of Return, Annualized return, Expected Return VIEW
Investors attitude towards Risk and Return VIEW


Unit 3 Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis [Book]
Introduction, Investment Analysis VIEW
Fundamental Analysis VIEW
Macro-Economic Analysis VIEW
Industry Analysis VIEW
Company Analysis VIEW
Trend Analysis VIEW
Ratio Analysis VIEW


Unit 4 Technical Analysis [Book]
Technical Analysis VIEW
Fundamental Analysis Vs. Technical Analysis VIEW
Charting Techniques VIEW
Technical Indicators VIEW
Testing Technical Trading Rules VIEW
Evaluation of Technical Analysis VIEW


Unit 5 Portfolio Management [Book]
Portfolio Management, Framework, Portfolio Analysis, Selection and Evaluation, Meaning of portfolio, Reasons to hold Portfolio Diversification analysis VIEW
Markowitz’s Model, Assumptions, Specific model VIEW
Risk and Return Optimization VIEW
Efficient Frontier VIEW
Efficient Portfolios VIEW
Leveraged Portfolios VIEW
Corner Portfolios VIEW
Sharpe’s Single Index Model VIEW
Portfolio evaluation Measures VIEW
Sharpe’s Performance Index VIEW
Treynor’s Performance Index VIEW
Jensen’s Performance Index VIEW