Principles of Marketing Bangalore University 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Marketing {Book}
Introduction to Marketing VIEW
Fundamentals of Marketing, Scope of Marketing VIEW
Importance of Marketing VIEW
Elements of Marketing Mix VIEW
Approaches of Marketing VIEW
Analyzing the Marketing Environment: Components of Environment VIEW
Micro Environment VIEW
Macro Environment: Environment specific to the firm; Global Environment, Consumer environment, Technology environment, Competition environment VIEW
Value Philosophy in Marketing: Understanding the value philosophy, Meaning of value; Value Creation and Delivery VIEW
Value Delivery Process VIEW
Value Delivery and Upstream Marketing VIEW
Value Innovation; Co-creation of value VIEW


Unit 2 Consumer Behaviour & Market Segmentation {Book}
Consumer Behaviour Introduction VIEW
Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Buying Decision Process VIEW
Theories of Consumer Decision Making VIEW VIEW
Marketing Research Key terms and VIEW
Process & Techniques of market research VIEW
Role of Market Research in the decision-making system VIEW
Market Segmentation VIEW VIEW
Targeting VIEW
Differentiation VIEW
Positioning VIEW VIEW
Levels of Segmentation VIEW
Basis for Segmenting Consumer VIEW
Basis for Segmenting Business Markets VIEW
Market Targeting, Developing VIEW
Communicating Strategy VIEW
Positioning Strategy VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Product and Pricing Strategy {Book}
Product Levels; Classifying products VIEW
Product Range VIEW
Product Line VIEW
Product Mix VIEW
Product Life Cycles VIEW
New Product Development VIEW
New Service Development VIEW
Stages of Product Development; VIEW
Product Adoption Process VIEW VIEW
Pricing to Capture Value: VIEW
Pricing Environment VIEW
Consumer Psychology & Pricing VIEW
Pricing Philosophy VIEW
Methods of Pricing VIEW VIEW
Price Adaptations VIEW
Initiating Price Changes VIEW
Responding to Competitors’ Price Changes VIEW


Unit 4 Marketing Channels & Promotional Strategy {Book}
Marketing channels, Functions VIEW
Physical Distribution VIEW
Value Networks VIEW
Channel Design Decisions VIEW
Channel Management Decisions VIEW
Channel Integration and Systems VIEW VIEW
E-commerce VIEW VIEW
E- Retailing VIEW
Promoting Value:
Marketing Communications VIEW
Personal Influencers VIEW
Marketing Communications Mix VIEW
Advertising VIEW VIEW
Sales Promotion VIEW VIEW
Personal Selling VIEW VIEW
Direct Marketing VIEW VIEW
Public Relations VIEW VIEW


Unit 5 Advancements in Marketing {Book}
Social Marketing VIEW VIEW
Online Marketing VIEW
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) VIEW
Green marketing VIEW
Rural Marketing VIEW
Mobile Marketing VIEW
Marketing Analytics VIEW
Social Media Marketing VIEW
Email Marketing VIEW VIEW
Live Video Streaming Marketing VIEW
Network Marketing VIEW
Affiliate Marketing VIEW
Chatbots Marketing VIEW
Influencer Marketing VIEW
Global Marketing VIEW
Experiential Marketing VIEW
Relationship Building and Customer Retention VIEW VIEW
Strategic Alliances and Networks VIEW