Auditing and Reporting

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Auditing, Types of Audits, Advantages of Auditing VIEW
Differences between Accountancy and Auditing VIEW
Preparation before Commencement of New Audit VIEW
Audit Notebook VIEW
Audit Working Papers VIEW
Audit Program VIEW
Recent Trends in Auditing VIEW
Nature & Significance of Tax Audit VIEW
Cost Audit VIEW
Management Audit VIEW
Forensic Audit VIEW
Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition: Introduction, Features, Characteristics VIEW
Tally.Net: Features, Requirements for remote connectivity Access information via SMS VIEW
Safeguard Data Automated Backup and Recovery VIEW
E-Auditing-meaning, uses and limitations VIEW
Auditing the Auditors VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Internal Control VIEW
Internal Check Meaning, Objectives and Fundamental Principles VIEW
Internal Check as Regards VIEW
Wage Payments VIEW
Cash Sales VIEW
Cash purchases VIEW
Internal Audit Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Audit VIEW
Differences between Internal Check and Internal Audit VIEW
E- Applications in internal control and check VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Vouching Meaning, Definition, Importance, Objective, Characteristics and Source VIEW
Routine Checking and Vouching VIEW
Voucher, Types of Vouchers VIEW
Vouching of Receipts: Cash Sales, Receipts from Debtors VIEW
Proceeds of the sale of Investments VIEW
Vouching of Payments: Cash Purchases VIEW
Payment to Creditors VIEW
Deferred Revenue Expenditure VIEW
E-Vouching, Uses and Limitations VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Meaning and Objectives of verification and valuation VIEW
Position of an Auditor as regards the Valuation of Assets VIEW
Verification and Valuation of different Items: Land & Building, Plant & Machinery VIEW
Goodwill Investments VIEW
Stock in Trade VIEW
Liabilities and Bills Payable VIEW
Sundry Creditors VIEW
Contingent Liabilities VIEW


Unit 5 {Book}  
Company Auditor Appointment VIEW
Company Auditor Qualification VIEW
Powers, Duties and Liabilities VIEW VIEW
Professional Ethics of an Auditor VIEW
Audit of Educational Institutions VIEW
Audit of Insurance Companies VIEW
Audit of Cooperative Societies VIEW
Institutions for Auditing:  
Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) VIEW
Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) VIEW
State Accountant and Auditor General (SAG) VIEW
Role and functions in Public Account Audits VIEW