Enterprises Management

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Unit 1 Nature of Management and Its Process {Book}

Meaning, Nature and Importance of Management VIEW
Differences between Management and Administration VIEW
Management Approaches VIEW
Management Function VIEW
Principles of Management VIEW
Fayol’s Principles VIEW
Taylor’s Principles VIEW
Managerial Skills VIEW
Task and Responsibilities of Professional Manager VIEW
Unit 2 Planning and Organization {Book}
Planning Concept, Features, Importance, Limitations VIEW
Types of Planning VIEW
Planning Objectives VIEW
Strategy, Policy VIEW
Planning Procedures, Method, Rule, Budget VIEW
Planning process VIEW
Plan vs Programme VIEW
Decision Making Types VIEW
Decision Making Process VIEW
Organization Concept, Features, Importance, Limitations VIEW
Organizing process VIEW
Types of Organization VIEW VIEW
Flat organization relevance- trends VIEW
work from home prospects VIEW
Centralization VIEW
Decentralization VIEW
Delegation VIEW
Growth in Organization, Task force VIEW
Unit 3 Direction and Coordination {Book}
Direction: Concept, Features, Importance, Limitations VIEW
Elements of Direction, Supervision VIEW
Motivation VIEW
Theories of Motivation VIEW
Maslow VIEW
Herzberg VIEW
McGregor VIEW
Victor Vroom VIEW
Leadership VIEW
Leadership Theories VIEW
Styles of Leadership VIEW
Co-ordination: Concept, Features, Importance, Types and limitations VIEW
Techniques of Co-ordination VIEW
Unit 4 Controlling {Book}
Controlling Concept, Features, Importance, Limitations VIEW
Types of Controlling VIEW
Controlling Process VIEW
Essentials of a Good Control System VIEW
Techniques of Control: Traditional and Non-Traditional Control Devices VIEW
Relationship between Planning and Controlling VIEW
Unit 5 Recent Trends in Management {Book}
Change Management VIEW
Crisis Management Global practices VIEW
International Manager VIEW
Quality of Work Life VIEW
Resistance to Management VIEW VIEW
Risk Management VIEW
Total Quality Management VIEW
Kaizan VIEW
Cross Culture VIEW VIEW