Accounting for Business

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Unit 1 Introduction to Accounting {Book}
Accounting Meaning VIEW
Book keeping & Accounting VIEW
Need for accounting VIEW
*Accounting Scope VIEW
*Accounting Functions VIEW
(GAAP) Generally Accepted Accounting Principles VIEW
Accounting Concepts and Conventions VIEW VIEW
List of Indian Accounting Standards VIEW
Ind AS-IFRS (Concept only) VIEW


Unit 2 Basic Accounting Procedures {Book}
Double Entry System of Book-Keeping VIEW
Journal Books of original entry VIEW VIEW
Ledger Posting Balancing an account VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Subsidiary Books {Book}
Purchase book, Sales book, Returns books VIEW
Bills of exchange VIEW
Bills book VIEW
Journal proper VIEW
Cash Book, Kinds of cash book VIEW
Petty Cash Book Imprest system VIEW


Unit 4 Final Accounts of Proprietary Concern {Book}
Classification of Transaction in to revenue and capital VIEW
Preparation of Trial balance VIEW
Rectification of errors in Trial balance VIEW
Parts of Final Accounts VIEW VIEW
Income statement Final Accounts vertical form only VIEW
Balance sheet Final Accounts vertical form only VIEW VIEW


Unit 5 Consignment {Book}
Meaning, Definitions and Features, Parties of Consignment VIEW
Consignor and Consignee VIEW
Differences between Consignment and Ordinary Sale VIEW
Special Terminologies in Consignment Accounts:
Proforma Invoice, Invoice Price, Account Sales, Non-recurring Expenses, Recurring Expenses, Ordinary Commission, Overriding Commission, Del Credere Commission, Normal Loss, Abnormal Loss VIEW
Valuation of Closing Stock VIEW
Consignment Accounts in the books of Consignor VIEW
Preparation of Consignment Account VIEW
Preparation of Consignee Account VIEW
Preparation of Goods Sent on Consignment A/c in the books of Consignor VIEW