Corporate Skills

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Unit 1 Elements of Communication {Book}
Communication Meaning, Importance, Objectives VIEW
Principles of Communication VIEW
Communication Process VIEW
Impediments of effective Communication VIEW
Strategies for effective Communication VIEW
Communication Types:
Verbal Communication VIEW
Non-Verbal Communication VIEW
Body Language, Gestures, Postures, Facial Expressions, Dress codes, VIEW
The Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication VIEW
Listening, Speaking VIEW
Techniques of Eliciting Response, Probing Questions, Observation VIEW
Business etiquettes VIEW
Social etiquettes VIEW


Unit 2 Public Speaking and Speech Composition {Book}
Public Speaking VIEW
Principles of Effective Speech & Presentation VIEW VIEW
Technical Speech & Non-Technical Presentation VIEW
Speech of introduction of a Speaker VIEW
Speech of Vote of Thanks, Occasional Speech, Theme Speech VIEW
Moderating programs Use of Technology VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Meetings {Book}
Meeting: Importance VIEW
Meeting Opening and Closing Meetings VIEW
Participating and Conducting Group discussions VIEW
Brain Storming VIEW
E- Meetings VIEW
Meeting Memos, Circulars VIEW
Meeting Minutes VIEW
Meeting Notices VIEW


Unit 4 Corporate Communication {Book}
Email: Meaning, Importance, Objectives VIEW
Messages: Meaning, Importance, Objectives VIEW
Video Conferencing: Importance, Advantages and Disadvantages VIEW
Virtual Communication: Meaning, Advantages, Importance VIEW
Using different online applications for corporate communication: Teleconference VIEW
Business letter VIEW
Inquiries, Circulars, Quotations, Orders, Acknowledgments, Executions, Complaints, Claims & adjustments, Collection letter, Banking correspondence, Agency correspondence, Job application letters – Bio-data, Covering Letter, Interview Letters, Letter of Reference and other letters VIEW


Unit 5 Carrier Planning {Book}
Career Planning VIEW
Awareness of Different Carries sources of information VIEW
Choosing a carrier VIEW
Career Counseling VIEW
Resume Preparation VIEW
Preparing for Group Discussion VIEW