Concept and objectives of Communication

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Communication can broadly be defined as exchange of ideas, messages and information between two or more persons, through a medium, in a manner that the sender and the receiver understand the message in the common sense, which is, they develop common understanding of the message.

The word communication is derived from the Latin word ‘communicare’, which means to share, impart, participate, exchange, and transmit or to make common. It emphasizes on sharing common information, ideas and messages. It is not merely issuing orders and instructions.

Nature of Communication:

Communication occurs wherever life exists.

The transmission of any meaningful message is communication. It is as natural a phenomenon as existence itself. Whether we recognize it or not, we have no option but to communicate.

Then we here stands for all things living. A baby cries to convey its hunger. A dog barks to warn his master of an intruder. Corporate organizations which, after all, consist of the human element, use information- based systems like Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS) and Strategic Information System (SIS) to run businesses successfully.

This is what communication is all about. Communication is an integral part of human existence. Communication contributes enormously to the success or failure of every human activity. Communication is essentially the ability of one person to make contact with another and to make himself understood.

Since man is a social animal, it is vital that he express his feelings and emotions, receive and exchange information. It is here that communication comes into play.

In case of organizations, it becomes even more important as people working in different departments have to achieve common objectives. The working of inter-personal relationships is possible only through communication.

Apart from binding its various components internally, communication is what links an organisation with the external world. Thus, communication is regarded as the foundation of a successful organisation. No group can exist without communication.

Communication has a significant impact on the ultimate potency of an organisation. It is only through communication that ideas, information, attitudes or emotions get conveyed from one person to another.

At the individual level also, effective communication skills are responsible for success. According to a survey of America’s most successful managers by a leading American magazine, Fortune, excellent communication skill was one of the prime determinants of success.


Communication has many objectives. Its primary objective is to exchange ideas, opinions, thoughts, beliefs and information between human beings. In the fields of business, the main objective of communication is to help managers in performing all managerial functions smoothly. Different objectives of communication are discussed below; Business Communication Objectives.

  1. Achieving organization goals: The main objective of communication is to help managers in achieving organization goals. It helps managers to perform all managerial functions and to achieve predetermined goals. Objectives of business communication.
  2. Exchanging of information: Another objective of communication is to exchange information between employees of an organization. It helps to make contact with the external forces of an organization. Business Communication Purposes.
  3. Formulation and execution of plans: Communication supplies information to the managers who prepares effective plans for the organization. Managers collect information from different sources and prepare and execute organizational plans through the help of communication. Business Communication Objectives
  4. Increasing efficiency: Communication helps to increase the efficiency of the employees of an organization by supplying information timely relating to the work.
  5. Directing the subordinates: An important objective of communication is to give effective direction to the employees of an organization. Communication helps to reach executive orders to the subordinates. Objectives of business communication.
  6. Create consciousness: Another remarkable objective of communication is to create consciousness among the employees about their duties and responsibilities by supplying various information.
  7. Coordination and cooperation: Another important objective of communication is to help in coordinating and cooperating the activities of various work groups and departments working within the organization. Business Communication Objectives.
  8. Persuasion: To persuade the employees to work hard for the organization and the buyers to buy organization’s products are two other important objective of communication. Business Communication Purposes.
  9. Facilitating joint effort: No organization can achieve its goal by individual effort. It requires joint effort. Communication helps in taking joint effort in the organization.
  10. Education and training of employees: Communication helps to provide education and training of employees of the organization.
  11. Develop labor-management relations: Another objective of communication is to improve relationship between management and workforce within the organization. It removes misunderstanding. Between the two parties and helps to develop and maintain better relationship. Objectives of business communication.
  12. Creating relationship with external parties: Communication helps to create good relationship with external parties of the organization.
  13. Monitoring and controlling the activities: Monitoring and controlling the activities of the subordinates is other important objective of organization communication.
  14. Solving problem: One of the most important objectives of communication is help solving different organizational problems. It creates bases for discussion by supplying information which helps in removing the differences among the disputed parties. Business Communication Purposes.
  15. Initiate to change: Another objective of communication is to initiate change within the organization. Communication supplies various information to the employees which helps in changing their attitude and brings changes in the organization.
  16. Decision making: Communication helps managers to take decisions. It helps in exchanging ideas and opinions with others which help managers to take appropriate decisions. Business Communication Objectives.
  17. Making aware of future change: In earth everything in changing continuously. To adopt with the changing environment management has the initiate different organizational change. Here communication helps to make employees aware of future change.
  18. Building image: Strong image of the organization helps to gain competitive advantage in the market. Communication helps to build up image of the organization through timely contact with the stakeholders, advertising etc.