Sources of Information of Careers

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Career information refers to information for the purpose of planning and management of one’s own professional career. Career information helps in planning a career strategy. Furthermore, there are many sources of career information which exist nowadays. Most noteworthy, career information identifies various possible career paths. Individuals are able to compare the various career paths or options due to career information.

Career information helps individuals in preparing the overall pattern and design of one’s career. This information also identifies the various goals and career interests for individuals. Career information polishes the general approach of an individual towards his career. Career information relates to all types of careers whether skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled.

Sources of Career Information

The various sources of career information are below:

Personal contacts: Personal contact includes one’s family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. These contacts are very essential in providing career information. The personal contacts might not have the necessary information themselves. However, they may know other knowledgeable people who can help in providing a job. Most noteworthy, these contacts can lead to an informal interview. In an information interview, a job seeker talks to someone who can provide valuable information about a job offer.

Counsellors: Counsellors are professionals who help clients analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they help the client evaluate their skills and goals. Most noteworthy, these counsellors help determine what a client requires in a career.

The Internet: The internet is certainly a valuable source of career information. The career information is very huge in magnitude. Also, this information is available on various websites, applications, blogs, articles, videos, on the internet. Most noteworthy, the ease and comfortability of finding career information makes the internet a very popular source of career information.

Organizations: Many organizations provide precious career information. These organizations include business firms, labour unions, professional societies, trade associations, and educational institutions. Above all, these organizations offer a huge variety of inexpensive career materials. These organizations are vital in case the individual already has a job and wants another job.

Libraries and Career Centres: Libraries offer a massive amount of career information. Furthermore, one can easily find the range in which one is seeking a job. Many trade publications and magazines are available in the libraries. Above all, these trade publications and magazines contain a substantial amount of career information.

Strategies of Disseminating Career Information

Following are the various strategies of disseminating career information:

Career Talks: Career talks provide information about various vocations or professions. Moreover, invitations are sent to experts to come and speak about important professions. For this purpose, there should be an organization of certain career days. The principal in a college or school may give career talk. The teacher also joins to deliver their own talks.

Publications: This strategy is one of the most effective in disseminating career information. Publications provide printed career information. Furthermore, these are meant of the general masses. Publications involve books, magazines, newspapers, journals, periodicals, bulletins etc.

Displays and exhibitions: Information collected from multiple sources must be classified. Then after that, the information must be made available to the pupils. There is a display of charts, posters, leaflets, and newspaper cuttings on bulletin boards and walls. The display of these materials takes place in libraries, schools, institutions, organizations, parks, railway stations, bus stops, and other public places.

Film shows: Career information can be disseminated through film strips. A film strip refers to a series of a particular item. Furthermore, these film strips are made on the various aspects of a particular item. Most noteworthy, screening of film strips on different career options, professions, or occupations takes place. There must be commentary along with the film strips to make it more useful.