A&FN1 Advanced Accounting

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Unit 1 {Book}
Business of Banking companies VIEW
Some important provisions of Banking Regulation Act of 1949, Brokerage, Discounts, Statutory Reserves, Cash Reserves VIEW
Minimum capital and reserves, Restriction on commission VIEW
Books of accounts VIEW
Special features of bank accounting VIEW
Final Accounts, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account VIEW
Interest on Doubtful debts VIEW VIEW
Rebate on bill Discounted VIEW
Acceptance, Endorsement and Other obligations VIEW
Problems as per new provisions


Unit 2 Accounts of Insurance Companies {Book}
(a) Life insurance: Accounting concepts relating to life insurance companies VIEW
Preparation of Final accounts of life insurance companies VIEW
Revenue account and Balance sheet VIEW
(b) General insurance: Meaning Accounting concepts VIEW
Preparation of Final accounts VIEW


Unit 3 Inflation Accounting {Book}
Need, Meaning, Definition Importance, Role, Objectives, Merits, and Demerits of Inflation Accounting VIEW
Problems on Current purchasing power method (CPP) VIEW
Current cost accounting method (CCA) VIEW


Unit 4 Farm Accounting  {Book}
Meaning, Need and Purpose, Characteristics of farm accounting VIEW
Nature of Transactions, Cost and revenue VIEW
Apportionment of common cost VIEW
By product costing VIEW
Farm Accounting, Recording of transactions, problems VIEW


Unit 5 Investment Accounting {Book}
Introduction, Nature of Investment Accounting VIEW
Investment Ledger VIEW
Different terms used; Cum dividend or Interest and ex- dividend or interest VIEW
Securities VIEW VIEW
Bonus Shares VIEW VIEW
Right Shares VIEW VIEW
Procedures of Recording shares VIEW