Factors Influencing Production Planning

22/02/2020 0 By indiafreenotes

The existence of an effective and efficient system of production, planning and control is a must for a large sized industrial organization. However, the system for production planning and control should be developed and designed after a thoughtful consideration of some related factors as they are influencing the Design of Planning and Control System. They are discussed below:

(i) Cost

One major factor that affects product design is the cost of production including material costs and labor costs. These in turn affect the pricing strategy, which needs to be in line with what the customer is prepared to pay for it.

(ii) Ergonomics

The product needs to be user friendly and afford convenience in its function. Using ergonomic measurements, minor or major changes may need to be made to product design to meet essential requirements.

(iii) Materials

Whether the requisite materials are available easily is an important consideration in product design. In addition, an eye needs to be kept on new developments in materials and technology.

(iv) Customer Requirements

One major and obvious influence on the design on the product is the customer and their requirements. It is vital to capture customer feedback on any prototype as well as during the planning and conceptual stages. Even a technologically advanced and exciting feature may need to be removed if it causes dislike or negative feelings in an end user.

(v) Company Identity

The company’s identity is a point of pride and as a matter of course, a product’s very design or color schemes and features may be determined by this identity. The logo may need to be featured in a specific manner or subtle or overt features of the company identity may need to be built into the design.

(vi) Aesthetics

The product may need to appear stylish or of a certain shape. This form may end up determining the technology that it built into the product. This may in turn also affect the manufacturing process that needs to be followed.

(vii) Fashion

The current fashion and trends may also affect a certain product’s design. Customers will want the most updated options and this needs to be considered during product design.

(viii) Culture

If a product is for a certain market with its own individual culture, this needs to be kept in mind during product design. A product acceptable in one culture may end up being offensive or not desirable in another one.

(ix) Functions

How many problems is the product trying to solve? The number of uses and functions a product has will impact its design.

(x) Environment

Another consideration to product design is its impact on the environment. The average customer these days may be more discerning and concerned about the environment than before. Things to consider here may include whether the materials used are recyclable, how the product will be disposed of at the end of its life or how the packaging can be disposed of.

In the end, it may be observed that a balanced production planning would tend to increase the operating efficiency by stabilizing productive activities, facilitate selling and customer service and help in reducing the production costs. It would promote fuller use of plant, equipment and labor by controlling all time and efforts needful in manufacturing