Principles of Management LU BBA 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}
Nature and Significance of Management VIEW
Approaches of management VIEW
Contributions of Taylor VIEW
Contributions of Fayol VIEW
Contributions of Barnard (Human Relation) VIEW
Functions of a Manager VIEW VIEW
Social responsibility of Managers VIEW
Values in Management VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
The Nature & Significance of Planning, Objectives VIEW
Steps of Planning VIEW
Decision making as key step in planning VIEW
The Process of Decision Making VIEW
Techniques of Decision Making VIEW
Organisation Nature and significance VIEW
Organisation Approaches VIEW VIEW
Departmentation VIEW
Line and staff relationships VIEW
Delegation VIEW
Decentralisation VIEW
Committee system VIEW
Department of effective organizing VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Staffing, nature and Significance, VIEW
Selection VIEW VIEW
Appraisal of Managers VIEW VIEW
Development of Managers VIEW
Directing: Issues in managing human factor VIEW
Motivation: Concept VIEW
Motivation Techniques VIEW
Maslow VIEW
Herzberg VIEW
McGregor VIEW
Victor Vroom VIEW
**Leadership Approaches and Communication VIEW
**Theories of Leadership VIEW
**Leadership Styles VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Communication Definition and Significance VIEW
Communication Process VIEW
Barriers of Communication VIEW VIEW
Building effective communication system VIEW VIEW
Controlling Definition VIEW
Elements Control Techniques VIEW VIEW VIEW
Coordination VIEW
Determinants of an Effective Control system VIEW
Managerial Effectiveness VIEW