Principles of Insurance Osmania University 3rd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Risk Management and Insurance & Insurance Terminology {Book}
Risk Management VIEW
Types of Risks VIEW
Actual and Consequential Losses VIEW
Management of Risks VIEW
Different Classes of Insurance VIEW VIEW
Importance of Insurance VIEW
Management of Risk by Individuals and Insurers VIEW
Fixing of Premiums VIEW
Reinsurance VIEW
Role of Insurance in Economic Development and Social Security VIEW
Constituents of Insurance Market VIEW
Operations of Insurance Companies VIEW
Operations of Intermediaries VIEW VIEW
Specialist Insurance Companies
Role of Regulators VIEW
Common and specific terms in Life and Non-Life Insurance VIEW
Understanding Insurance Customers VIEW VIEW
Insurance Customer Behavior at Purchase Point VIEW
Insurance Customer Behavior when Claim Occurs VIEW
Importance of Ethical Behavior in Insurance Sector VIEW


Unit 2 Insurance Contract and Insurance Products {Book}
Insurance Contract Terms VIEW
Principles of Insurance: Principle of Insurable Interest, Principle of

Indemnity, Principle of Subrogation, Principle of Contribution, Relevant Information Disclosure, Principle of utmost Good Faith, Relevance of Proximate Cause

Life Insurance Products: Risk of Dying Early, Risk of Living too Long VIEW
Products offered:
Term Plans, Pure Endowment Plans, Combinations of Plans, Traditional Products, Linked Policies VIEW
Features of Annuities and Group Policies VIEW VIEW
General Insurance Products:
Risks faced by Owner of Assets
Exposure to Perils VIEW
Features of Products Covering Fire and Allied Perils VIEW VIEW
Products covering Marine and Transit Risks VIEW VIEW
Products covering Financial Losses due to Accidents VIEW
Products covering Financial Losses due to Hospitalization VIEW VIEW
Products Covering Miscellaneous Risks VIEW