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India is grappling with several health problems. It has turned into the diabetes capital of the world. Around one million new cancer patients register, every year and the rising rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) causes 61% of deaths in the country. No doubt, medical advancement bringing new hopes to the health care sector. But, at the same time, it is giving rise to medical inflation. Diagnosis, medication, treatment, and hospitalization costs are burning holes in the pockets and become unaffordable for the common mass. Either one has to sell the assets or lend money whenever there is a medical emergency. It results in financial distress for the entire family. So, to combat such a medical crisis, we offer mediclaim insurance that covers your risks and provides you with financial support whenever you need it.


  • It provides a cashless hospitalization facility during a medical emergency.
  • Avail tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act up to Rs.1,00,000 for the premium paid for a family floater policy, depending on the age of proposer & insured.
  • It has additional add-ons such as an international second opinion you can select according to your healthcare needs for complete protection.
  • It offers coverage for your pre and post hospitalization medical expenses such as OPD expenses, diagnosis, doctor’s fee, medication, therapies, etc. It will cover various out-of-pocket medical expenditures.
  • One has the lifelong renewability option with additional benefits, such as coverage for alternative treatments, day care procedures, annual health check-ups, etc.
  • You can choose the advanced treatment facility on a cashless basis at any in-network hospitals in nearby locations.


  • Coverage for medical expenses during pre and post hospitalization
  • Claim settlement either by a cashless facility or by reimbursement up to the sum insured
  • Cover for in-patient hospitalization
  • Lifelong renewability is easily available
  • Minimum 24 hours hospitalization is required to get the claim
  • It also has a list of specific exclusions
  • No upper age limit for enrolment
  • In a family mediclaim, you can pay a lump sum premium instead of paying for individual policies.

Different mediclaim policies:

Individual Mediclaim: An individual mediclaim plan covers only one individual for the specified sum insured. The policy benefits and the entire sum insured are available to the policyholder for the premium applicable.

Family Floater Mediclaim Cover: In a family floater mediclaim insurance policy, the coverage and benefits are available to all the insured family members, including spouse, children, and parents. The policy has a floater sum insured that either one individual or the entire family can utilize for any hospitalization or medical treatment.

Critical Illness Mediclaim: Critical illnesses require long-term medical treatment that may lead to astronomically high medical bills. Critical illness mediclaim policies are designed to cover severe ailments, such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, etc. We offer coverage for 32 critical illnesses.

Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy: It is a type of mediclaim designed to provide coverage and benefits, including hospitalization cover, for elderly individuals aged above 60 years.

Heart Mediclaim: Heart mediclaim insurance plans provide comprehensive hospitalization and medical treatment coverage for various heart-related ailments, thus saving a person from facing any financial stress. At CHI, our heart care mediclaim covers 16 major heart ailments.

Cancer Mediclaim: Cancer mediclaim plans provide lifelong protection and comprehensive coverage for various cancer treatments along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy cover. It’s wise to invest in this policy early as people already diagnosed with cancer cannot get it.

Mediclaim covers:

Day Care Treatments: If you have to undergo any surgery or treatment or therapy that requires hospitalization for a day, then from room rent to medicine bills, we bear your daycare treatment expenses, up to the sum insured. We cover 540 daycare treatments, the highest in the industry.

In-Patient Hospitalization: If the in-patient hospitalization is for more than 24 hours, we cover your hospitalization expenses. These expenses include your room charges, nursing expenses, ICU, surgeon’s fee, doctor’s fee, blood, oxygen, and OT (operation theatre changers).

ICU Charges: We value every life and know the importance of the right healthcare services. If you are admitted to ICU, we will cover the charges.

Ambulance cover: This policy provides reimbursement against the expenses that you incur on an ambulance during a medical emergency.

Pre and post hospitalization: It covers your pre and post hospitalization expenses that include diagnosis, treatment, and medicine expenses, along with doctor’s fees.

Recharge of Sum Insured: If your coverage amount gets exhausted, you get an automatic recharge of the sum insured. You can use this amount for the treatment of any other insured family member or yourself.

Other Benefits: Organ donor cover, second opinion, NCB, and alternative treatments are other useful benefits.

Annual Health Check-Ups: Under the mediclaim plan, you will get an annual health check-up facility at our empanelled healthcare services providers. It includes complete blood sugar, urine routine, kidney function, ECG check-ups, etc.