Various Kinds of Miscellaneous Insurances

13/05/2020 1 By indiafreenotes
  1. Mobile insurance

The revolution of mobile phones took place in just a few years. Smartphones have become an expensive affair which can cost a few thousands but also runs into lakhs. Mobile insurance safeguards you against costly repairs, replacements and even in case of theft. We build a personal attachment to our phones and it’s become important to secure it with the best mobile insurance policies.

  1. Marine insurance

The sea poses many risks that include bad weather, water damage and pirates. Insurance companies offer cargo insurance, freight insurance and hull insurance on ships and boats. Marine insurance not only provides financial protection for the ship but also the cargo being transported. Find out the best marine insurance policies designed to suit your needs.

  1. Crop insurance

Agriculture is the base of humanity providing one of the basic necessities, food. But the business is risky due to natural disasters, inflation, damages to agricultural equipment. Crop insurance can help safeguard farmers against any loss or damages to their farming property and assets. Get the best insurance for your crops and farming property that suits your required needs.

  1. Property Insurance

Property insurance spans across a wide category of general insurance that comes in handy for those who own property, assets, equipment, cargo and such. Property insurance provides cover against all risks on portable and fixed assets, theft, and damage.

  1. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers specific needs in cases where individuals or companies need protection against risks that involve being legally held or sued for negligence, malpractice or injury. Some business operations involve a great deal of risk, and employers might find the need to insure themselves or the business against such risks.

  1. Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicles are valuable assets of a company and it can be an expensive affair in case of accidents, damages, theft and other risks. Commercial Vehicle Insurance is designed specifically to safeguard you against such risks so that your business does not have to incur losses in the event something bad happens.

  1. Annuities Insurance

A dignified retirement is what many of us hope for and for this insurance companies offer schemes to ensure you are financially secure once you are not working. Annuity is an investment product that guarantees you income for a certain number of years or till your demise.

  1. Laptop Insurance

Laptop’s have become an important asset as they not only cost a lot, but they also store important and sometimes confidential information. Damages and theft of the laptop can result in major financial losses. Though laptop insurance is not opted for by many, it can come in handy in times or losses. Explore the different laptop insurances available in the market to find a policy suitable to you.

  1. Commercial Insurance

Just about anything related to your business can be insured. Be protected financially against unforeseen risks to your property, workers, assets and any liabilities that may arise. Find out the best insurance policies on offer from top providers before settling on your ideal policy.

  1. Credit Insurance

Businesses sometimes have to take credit from traders and give credit to customers. Both aspects of credit can be insured. This type of insurance provides stability and peace of mind while purchasing necessary items on credit. Giving customers credit also becomes an easier task.

  1. Home Owner Insurance

Our home is a prized possession that is susceptible to a number of risks. Protecting our homes in case of unfortunate calamities, thefts, fires and other such disasters can help in the process of rebuilding. These policies cover the property as well as the belongings to ensure your standard of living is protected.

  1. Pet Insurance

Pets can become our beloved family members. Taking out a pet insurance policy will help in covering veterinary expenses in case of any medical problems and injuries. These policies will also pay out if the pet is stolen or in case of its demise to cover funeral expenses.

  1. Product Liability Insurance

In case of claims of personal injury or damages to property caused by products sold or supplied by your business, this insurance policy can protect you from lawsuits and legal costs. The insurance policy will cover the cost of compensation.

  1. Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is important for two reasons, one, the policy will cover your mortgage in the event that you cannot pay it back. Two, the insurance policy can make you eligible for a loan when you don’t meet the criteria otherwise. Get a policy to cover your mortgage to ensure your credit score doesn’t take a hit in the event you fall behind on your payments.

  1. Disability Insurance

An injury, be it a short-term disability or a permanent one, could hamper your ability to earn an income. Disability insurance replaces a part of your regular income to ensure you have a stable source of money to survive. This insurance is extremely important for those who are living or working in a risky environment.

  1. Rural Insurance

Individuals in the rural sector have different requirements compared to the urban sector. These insurance policies are designed to meet the individual and customised needs of rural areas. Rural insurance policies span across personal health, critical illnesses, loss due to weather, cattle cover and much more.

  1. Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is a type of liability insurance that is specific to companies that deal with giving advice and services that are complex that can result in legal problems. The insurance will cover legal costs of defending the company or the individual. This insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance.

  1. Child Insurance

Raising a child entails so much financially that insurance plans have become imperative to securing a better future for them. These plans are usually accommodating to individual requirements and customised according to the child’s needs. Delve into all that these insurance plans have to offer and get the policy that your child deserves.

  1. Building Insurance

Building insurance covers the framework of your house and its permanent fixtures. This type of cover is applicable to the structure of your home that includes walls, floors, roofs and windows. It also includes the fittings for the bath, bedroom and kitchen. This insurance doesn’t cover the contents of the house but is suitable to those who need to insure the building only.