Business Economics Osmania University 5th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Business Economics Meaning, Nature, Scope VIEW
Business Economics Characteristics VIEW
Business Economics Importance VIEW
Business Economics Role VIEW
Micro Economics Scope, Objectives VIEW
Macro Economics Scope, Objectives VIEW
Law of Diminishing Marginal utility VIEW
Law of Equimarginal utility VIEW


Unit 2 Demand Analysis {Book}
Meaning, Function, Factors influencing Demand VIEW
Types of Demand VIEW
Demand Curve VIEW
Law of Demand VIEW
Exceptions to the Law of Demand VIEW
Elasticity of Demand: Concept, Types of elasticity of demand-Price, income and Cross Elasticity of Demand VIEW
Measurement of elasticity arc and point methods VIEW
Importance of Various Elasticity of Demand VIEW


Unit 3 Supply Analysis {Book}
Law of Supply VIEW
Factors influencing Supply VIEW
Market Equilibrium VIEW
Consumer Surplus VIEW
Theory of Consumer behavior VIEW
Utility and indifference curve analysis VIEW


Unit 4 Production Analysis {Book}
Concept of Production, Production function VIEW
Total Production, Marginal Production, Average Production VIEW
Returns to a factor VIEW
Law of Variable Proportions VIEW
Law of Returns to Scale VIEW VIEW
Isocost, VIEW
Isoquants VIEW
Economies and Dis-economies of Scale VIEW


Unit 5 Cost And Revenue Analysis {Book}
Theory of Cost, Concepts of Cost VIEW
Short run and Long run cost curves VIEW
Traditional and Modern Approaches VIEW
Revenue Curves Relationship between Total marginal and Average


Break Even Analysis Meaning, Assumptions, Uses and Limitations VIEW VIEW