MK1 Consumer Behavior Bangalore University BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Consumer Behaviour [Book]
Meaning and Definition, Need for Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Consumer and Customer VIEW
Buyers and Users VIEW
Need to Study Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Consumer Behaviour applications in Marketing VIEW
Consumer Research process, Understanding Consumer through Research process VIEW
Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Consumer Behaviour External factors: Culture, Sub Culture, Social Class, Reference Groups, Family VIEW
Consumer Behaviour Internal factors: Needs & Motivations, Perception, Personality, Lifestyle, Values, Learning, Memory, Beliefs & Attitudes VIEW


Unit 2 Individual Determinants of Consumer Behaviour [Book]
Consumer Needs VIEW
Consumer Motivation VIEW
Consumer Personality VIEW
Consumer Self-Concept VIEW
Consumer Perception VIEW
Consumer Learning VIEW
Consumer Memory VIEW
Consumer Belief VIEW
Consumer Attitude, Nature of Consumer Attitudes VIEW
Attitude Formation and Change VIEW


Unit 3 Environmental Determinants of Consumer Behaviour [Book]
Family Influences on Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Influence of Culture, Subculture & Cross-Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Group Dynamics and Consumer Reference Groups VIEW
Social Class: Family role VIEW
Person’s Age, Life cycle stage, Occupational and Economic circumstances VIEW
Customer Socialization, Influencing factors of Consumer Socialization VIEW


Unit 4 Consumer’s Decision-Making Process [Book]
Consumer’s Decision-Making Process VIEW
Opinion leadership, Dynamics of Opinion Leadership process VIEW
The Motivation behind opinion leadership VIEW
The Diffusion Process VIEW
The Adoption process VIEW
Levels of Consumer decision making VIEW
Models of Consumer decision making VIEW


Unit 5 Consumer Satisfaction & Consumerism [Book]
Concept of Consumer Satisfaction, Working towards enhancing Consumer Satisfaction VIEW
Sources of Consumer Dissatisfaction VIEW
Dealing with Consumer Complaint VIEW
Concept of Consumerism, Consumerism in India, Reasons for Growth of Consumerism in India VIEW