HRM1 Compensation and Performance Management Bangalore University BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Compensation Management [Book]
Compensation Definition, Classification, Types, Wages, Salary, Benefits, DA, Consolidated Pay VIEW
Equity based programs, Commission, Reward, Remuneration, Bonus, Short term and Long term Incentives, Social Security, Retirement Plan VIEW
Pension Plans VIEW
Profit Sharing Plan VIEW
Stock Bonus Plan VIEW
Employer Benefits and Employer Costs for ESOP VIEW
Individual Retirement Account VIEW
Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees VIEW


Unit 2 Concepts &Strategies of Compensation Management [Book]
Compensation Management VIEW
Compensation and Non-Compensation Dimensions VIEW
3P Concept in Compensation Management VIEW
Compensation as Retention Strategy VIEW
Compensation Issues VIEW
Compensation Management in Multi-National organizations Compensation Strategy VIEW
Organizational and External Factors Affecting Compensation Strategies VIEW
Compensation Strategies as an Integral Part of HRM VIEW
Compensation Policies VIEW


Unit 3 Job Evaluation [Book]
Definition of Job Evaluation, Major Decisions in Job Evaluation VIEW
Job Evaluation Methods VIEW
Point Factor Method of Job Evaluation: VIEW
Combining Point factor and Factor Comparison Methods VIEW
Job Evaluation Committee VIEW
Factor Evaluation System (FES), Using FES to determine Job Worth VIEW
Position Evaluation Statements VIEW


Unit 4 Wage and Salary Administration [Book]
Theories of Wages VIEW
Wage Structure, Wage Fixation, Wage Payment, Salary Administration VIEW
Difference between Salary and Wages VIEW
Basis for Compensation Fixation VIEW
Components of Wages, Basic Wages, Overtime Wages, Dearness Allowance, Basis for calculation VIEW
Time Rate Wages and Efficiency Based Wages VIEW
Incentive Schemes VIEW
Individual Bonus Schemes VIEW
Group Bonus Schemes VIEW
Effect of various Labour Laws on Wages VIEW
Preparation of Pay Roll VIEW


Unit 5 Performance Management and its issues [Book]
Evolution of Performance Management VIEW
Definitions, Importance of Performance Management VIEW
Aims and Purpose of Performance Management VIEW
Employee Engagement and Performance Management VIEW
Principles and Dimensions of Performance Management VIEW
Performance Appraisal Methods: Traditional Methods, Modern Methods VIEW
Performance Appraisal Feedback, Role, Types and Principles, Levels of Performance Feedback VIEW
360-Degree Appraisal VIEW
Ethics in Performance Appraisal VIEW
Team Performance Management VIEW
Performance Management and Learning Organizations VIEW
Performance Management and Virtual Teams VIEW
Role of Line Managers in Performance Management VIEW
Performance Management and Reward VIEW
Linking Performance to Pay -A Simple System Using Pay Band VIEW
Linking Performance to Total Reward VIEW
Challenges of Linking Performance and Reward VIEW