New Approaches to Recruitment

10/12/2020 0 By indiafreenotes

If Recruitment is an ongoing process then it means the company is growing. Recruitment is a process of hiring of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. Recruitment Process includes defining the candidate requirements, need analysis, screening them and finalizing the right one for the role. Finding the best candidates in the market is not only a complex process but also time tedious task. This process takes a lot of time rather than focusing on other core functions. In order to attract best candidates to your organization with minimum time taken for hunting, you must set an example and showcase the appropriate reasons in the market of why any candidate should think working at your place would be a dream job.

Attracting the Right candidates

A job advertisement might be the first interaction between a potential employee and your company. For this reason, it needs to be accurate, truthful and interesting. The ad should include the following:

  • Job description: The role’s core duties, responsibilities and tasks
  • Person specification: The skills, qualities and experience you’re looking for (and whether they are ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’)
  • Reward package: Salary details, plus information about bonuses, company car, holiday entitlement and commission if applicable
  • Clear details of how to apply, with a deadline and your contact details

Recruitment is a never-ending process for any growing business. Before starting the process, the business should do proper need analysis of the open mandates. Internal hiring consumes lot of time and money, for which businesses can switch to new approaches of Recruitment which are mentioned below:

  • Companies can use Social Media Platform like Facebook and LinkedIn to do the awareness about their open mandate positions, as now a days many of them check their social media accounts on regular basis for hunting jobs as well.
  • Before informing externally about the Manpower Requirements, make sure you communicate it internally as well. This way of employees referring to their professional/ personal contacts helps businesses get the results faster.
  • Adding the Job Description on the company website and giving an option to upload an updated CV and other platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Career Builder is another option. This way it gets easily crawled on Google Search Engine Platform and there is a high visibility from the candidates who are also looking for similar jobs.
  • Make sure to add high level job description which covers the list of expected job tasks and get more qualified candidates.
  • Partnering with the best Recruitment Agency is the best option to save time and money and to get quality results and immediate response.

Making an offer they can’t refuse

The job offer should always be made in writing. But don’t forget, a verbal job offer made in an interview is legally binding.

Once your preferred candidate has accepted your offer, you might need to do the following, if necessary:

  • Check your candidate has the right to work in the specific Country
  • Check qualifications, training or licences
  • Gather professional or character references
  • Organise a medical examination