Rural Marketing Bangalore University BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Rural Marketing {Book}
Meaning of Market and Marketing, Nature and Scope of Rural marketing VIEW
Rural vs Urban markets VIEW
Classification of Rural markets VIEW
Rural marketing environment VIEW
Rise of rural consumerism VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Rural Consumer Behaviour {Book}
Consumer buying Behaviour in rural markets VIEW
Factors affecting Rural consumer behavior VIEW
Rural Market segmentation VIEW
Bases for segmenting rural consumer markets VIEW


Unit 3 Rural Product and Pricing Strategy {Book}
Rural product, Rural Product classification VIEW VIEW
Rural product life cycle VIEW VIEW
Product life cycle strategies in rural markets VIEW
New product Development in rural markets VIEW
Branding for rural markets VIEW VIEW
Pricing for rural markets: Factors and Strategies VIEW


Unit 4 Rural Distribution and Communication Strategy {Book}
Wholesale and Retailing in the rural market VIEW
Rural mobile traders VIEW
rural distribution models: VIEW
FMCG companies, Durable companies, Service organizations VIEW
Emerging distribution models VIEW
Trends in Rural Marketing:
Digitizing rural India VIEW
Online marketing reach in the rural market VIEW
Recent trends in Packing, Labelling, Grading VIEW VIEW VIEW
Transporting VIEW VIEW
Order processing VIEW VIEW
Payment methods VIEW VIEW VIEW
Storage and warehousing VIEW VIEW
Corporate Farming VIEW