Social Media Marketing Bangalore University BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Social Media Introduction [Book]  
Introduction to Social Media VIEW
How to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy, Goal setting VIEW
Overview of Global E-Marketing Issues VIEW
Country and Market Opportunity Analysis VIEW
User engagement on Social Networks VIEW
Social Advertising, Impact of Online reputation VIEW
Social, Media analytics VIEW
Social Technology and its Marketing influence in India VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]  
Exploring the use of a Facebook page, Facebook Ad campaign, Facebook groups, Hashtags VIEW
Instagram, Creating automation for Instagram, Audience Insights, Page Insights, Exploring the various IG content types, Setting a theme and flow on Instagram, and Generating Leads VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]  
Creating a Twitter account, Optimizing a page, Content types, Posting contents VIEW
Integrating a Personal brand on Twitter, Twitter Analytics & Ads, Post assistants and Automation for Twitter VIEW


Unit 4 YouTube Marketing [Book]  
YouTube Marketing, Creating a YouTube channel, Posting content VIEW
YouTube Analytics VIEW
Google Pages for YouTube Channels, Video Flow, Verify Channel, Webmaster Tool – Adding Asset VIEW
Search Engine Optimization Recent Trends and Challenges:  
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction, Understanding SEO, User Insights, Benefits and Challenges VIEW
Content Marketing VIEW
Traditional Media vs Social Media VIEW