RM2 Retail Operations Management Bangalore University BBA 6th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Introduction Retailing and Economic Significance, Functions of a Retailer, Types of Retailers VIEW
Trends in Retailing VIEW
International Retailing VIEW
Retailing as a Career VIEW
Retail Management Decision Process VIEW
Service Retailing VIEW


Unit 2 Retailing Environment Theories [Book]
Retailing Environment Theories VIEW
Theory of Retail Change VIEW
Theory of Natural Selection in Retailing VIEW
Theory of Wheel of Retailing VIEW
General-Specific-General Cycle or Accordion Theory, Retail Life Cycle Theory VIEW
Multi-Channel Retailing VIEW
Retail Aggregators Business Model VIEW
Phases of Growth of Retail Markets VIEW
Retail Mix. VIEW


Unit 3 Store Loyalty Management and Retail Location [Book]
Store Loyalty Management, Types of Customers, Variables influencing Store Loyalty VIEW
Store Loyalty Models VIEW
Influencing Customers through Visual Merchandising VIEW
Value added through Private Labels VIEW
Retail Location Strategy VIEW
Importance of Retail Location Decision VIEW
Retail Location Strategies and Techniques VIEW
Types of Retail Locations VIEW


Unit 4 Merchandise Management [Book]
Merchandise Management Meaning, VIEW
Roles and Responsibilities of the Merchandiser and the Buyer VIEW
Function of Buying for Different Types of Merchandise Organizations VIEW
Process of Merchandise Planning VIEW
Merchandise Sourcing VIEW
Methods of Procuring Merchandise VIEW
Concept of Private Label VIEW
Retail Pricing policies VIEW


Unit 5 [Book]
Meaning, Definition, Components of Category Management VIEW
Category Management Business Process VIEW
Category Definition, Defining the Category Role, Destination Category, Routine Category, Seasonal Category, Convenience Category VIEW
Category Assessment VIEW
Category Performance Measures VIEW
Category Strategies, Category Tactics VIEW
Category Plan implementation, Category Review VIEW