Corporate Governance Osmania University 6th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Corporate Governance {Book}
Corporate Governance: Meaning, Definition and Benefits VIEW
Evolution and Historical Perspective of Corporate Governance VIEW
Nature and Scope of Corporate Governance VIEW
Need for Corporate Governance VIEW
Essentials of Corporate Governance VIEW
Objective and Need of Corporate Governance VIEW
Benefits of Corporate Governance VIEW
Limitations of Corporate Governance VIEW
Structure of Corporate Governance VIEW
Theories of Corporate Governance VIEW


Unit 2 Corporate Governance Committees and Models {Book}
CG Committees: Greenbury Committee, Hampel Committee VIEW
Cadbury Committee VIEW
Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002 VIEW
Blue Ribbon Committee VIEW
King Committee VIEW
Kumara Mangalam Birla Committee VIEW
Narayana Murthy Committee VIEW
CII Task Force Committee VIEW
CG Models- Anglo- American, German, Japanese and Indian Model VIEW


Unit 3 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility {Book}
Corporate Social Reporting VIEW
Types of Corporate Social Reporting VIEW
Role of CSR towards Society Employees, Government, Stakeholders and Consumers VIEW
Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility VIEW
CSR Principles VIEW
CSR Strategies VIEW
Models of Corporate Social Reporting VIEW
Best Practices of CSR VIEW
Sachar Committee Report VIEW


Unit 4 Accountability in Corporate Governance {Book}
Accountability Definition and Importance VIEW
Accounts and Financial Reporting VIEW
Stakeholders Influence VIEW
Social Responsibility and Accountability VIEW
Reflection of Stakeholder’s Accountability in Legislation VIEW
Guidance on Stakeholders and Shareholders Interest VIEW
Role of Top Management in Corporate Governance VIEW
Role of Auditors in Corporate VIEW
Role of Shareholders & Other Stakeholders in Corporate Governance VIEW


Unit 5 Issues in Corporate Governance {Book}
Role of Promoters, Nominee Directors and Mismanagement VIEW
Corporate Frauds VIEW
Negligent Role of Auditors Banks, Supervision and Control of Stock Exchanges VIEW
Whistle Blowing Policy VIEW
Ministry of Corporate Affairs towards Building Ethical and Sustainable Organization VIEW VIEW